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Rev. Ayesha Sandra Lee Furumoto, MC, MFT - Licensed Maui Wedding Minister & Counselor, Wedding Coordinator, Hula Dancer and Entreupeneur (Owns Merry Maui Weddings). Gabriel Kapoululani Furumoto - Maui Travel Agent, Maui Activities Coordinator, Maui Wedding Musician & Singer, Maui Extreme Sports Tours & Lessons. Rev. Kai Akin - Licensed Maui Wedding Minister, Specialty Hawaiian Minister

Rev. Ayesha (our in-staff minister) and other wedding professionals

About our Founder:

Rev. Sandra (Ayesha) Lee Furumoto, MA is a Hawaii State licensed Maui wedding minister, trained marriage and family counselor, Maui wedding planner, writer, musician, dancer, and mother. She started "Merry Maui Weddings" out of a love for the union of separate souls and families. She and her fellow Maui wedding ministers are delighted to perform weddings and other sacred ceremonies for those who wish them done on Maui. Merry Maui Weddings endeavors to create the most meaningful Hawaii wedding experience you could ask for. Rev. Lee specializes in helping couples create their own unique vows and Maui wedding ceremony. Personal service, and an eye for details help bring you a tastefully-performed wedding ceremony.

“We were recently told that we provided a ...simple yet elegant wedding and it was perfect. - and this was in regard to our $495 wedding!! All of our honest-to-goodness, feature-packed Maui wedding packages are priced unbelievably low - but have faith! Our prices are what we call Maui's REAL-VALUE in destination weddings. Although our prices are the lowest for the amount and quality of service we provide, be assured - your expectations will always be exceeded, because we provide a wedding worth twice what we charge. Remember, this is a ministry to us, so we put your satisfaction above our profits. Numerous gorgeous upcountry, oceanside and ocean view wedding sites and services are available and our photography is top-notch. Click here to read our full disclosure, disclaimers, terms & conditions. We want you to know everything up front. Remember, we're your No Hidden Charges Choice for a Maui wedding!”

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Rev. Ayesha Sandra Lee Furumoto, MA

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Maui Wedding Testimonials

(You won't believe your eyes!)

These are REAL, honest-to-goodness, unedited email excerpts or entire texts from emails or thank-you cards that we have received from our happy Maui wedding customers - and CONTINUE to get... If you wish, we will fax you a printed copy of whichever you desire, to prove to you we are NOT making these up! We hope you allow us the opportunity to make YOU this happy, too!

“Thank you so much for making our wedding a dream come true! It was perfect and we couldn't have done it without you!!! I got the pictures. They are great! Thank you very much.” — Corina

“You made our dream come true, marrying us at sunset in the most beautiful setting and in the most beautiful way. We have a perfect set of pictures that have astounded friends and family. We thank you so much for your coordination and service in all aspects of the wedding. We miss Maui and will be back to celebrate our anniversaries!” — Love from Lynn and Dave Hume-Almeida

“My wife Kelsie and I had a wonderful experience! The ceremony was very well done and the photography was perfect! The location and area was just great and we had a wonderful time! Thanks Ayesha!” — Kevin Davis

“Ayesha and photographer Cathy Simone did an amazing job! Totally exceeded our expectations, even with some things on such short notice! We are so happy with how everything turned out! Thank you! Merry Maui Weddings." — Noel Santana

“Words cannot express how happy Dave and I were with our wedding. The ceremony was perfect, the setting was amazing and our pictures are phenomenal. I have shown so many people already and they cannot believe what a great job they did of capturing our happiness. The entire event was stress free and all about us thanks to the two of you. I thank you both so much for making our marriage everything we had dreamed it could be. What a great way to make a living, making others so happy.” — Julie and Dave

“Our experience with Merry Maui Weddings was incredible. Josh and I cannot stop smiling! The ceremony was amazing, beautiful, moving and the best time of our lives. We can't wait to show the dvd to all of our friends and family and to our son when he is older! We appreciate you and are so blessed that you were our minister. Everything about our special day was perfect from the lei's and the bouquets to the butterflies and our "Just Mauied" heart drawn in the sand. We will keep our heart shaped rock that you found us forever, it is very special to us. Thank you, thank you, thank you! You and your team have truly done a wonderful job and will always have a place in our hearts. Aloha!" — Kelsey and Josh

“The photo albums arrived today, they turned out wonderful! Thank you so much! We will definitely recommend y'all to everyone looking for a perfect wedding!” — George & Brandy (wedding 3/3/12) 4/6/12

“I wanted to send a quick thank you for your wonderful ceremony on Monday evening. I also wanted to give them a big thank you for recommending Pacific O as our wedding night dinner!!! It was everything he said and more. Best steak and lobster we have EVER had!!! Thank you guys again. Will certainly write a wonderful review of the services offered by Merry Maui Weddings.” — Sherry & James (wedding 3/26/12) 3/28/11

“Thank you for the pictures - they're terrific. We will look at these and remember the wonderful ceremony that was performed by Merry Maui Weddings.” — Angie & Paul (wedding 3/4/12) 3/22/12

“We just got home and wanted to thank you again in helping us get married on your beautiful island last Sunday! It was perfect. We are planning on watching the video this evening! Just wanted to make sure you know how much we appreciate all the work you've done to make our day just what we wanted.” — Angie & Paul (wedding 3/4/12) 3/10/12

“Loved everything about our wedding. The video is great, the flowers, location, etc.” — Dawn & Curtis (wedding 2/28/12) 3/8/12

“Thank you so much for the great wedding experience on Feb. 20! You made us feel very comfortable with your professional and courteous attitudes.” — Steven & Helene (wedding 2/20/12) 3/2/12

“They (MMW) did an absolutely wonderful job. The ceremony was beautiful and the vows were perfect. The photographer took a lot of time to make sure the picture came out just right and they did. The pictures were better than I could have expected. The pictures captured every moment.” — Tracy & David (wedding 12/12/11) 2/14/12

“We had a wonderful time and would recommend Merry Maui Weddings to anyone!”

“We were so "pleased" with the great service of your company and the pictures you took. We haven't stopped thinking how wonderful our wedding was ;););) God blessed us With your planning, you both were amazing.” — Julie & Eric (wedding 2/2/12) 2/5/12

“We just wanted to thank you for an absolutely beautiful and perfect wedding. We couldn't have asked for anything more. The ceremony was just perfect. We loved the vows and found that they expressed our love perfectly. The garden was absolutely gorgeous. We got the pictures and they were absolutely fantastic. They took so much time to make those pictures turn out and it showed. They were even better than we imagined. People at our reception back home were raving about them. We couldn't have been happier. You guys were so easy to work with and always there for us if we needed questions answered and helped with everything along the way. We will definitely recommend your services to others and will plan a vow renewal in the future and wouldn't consider anyone else. Thanks again for everything!” — Stephanie & Mike (wedding 12/12/11) 2/1/12

“Just wanted to let you know that we received the Photos and Video of our wedding and were quite happy with the beautiful memories that you created for us.” — Julie & Ben (wedding 11/11/11) 1/25/1

“The pictures are amazing. Thank you.” — Ron & Kimberly (wedding 1/1/12) 1/19/12

“Just wanted to say a big MAHALO to you both, the pictures are just gorgeous, everybody loves them.” — Joann & Stephan (wedding 12/28/11) 1/18/12

“The pictures turned out great! Thank you again for the wonderful ceremony.” — Tiffany & Nathan (wedding 12/23/11) 1/13/12

“Thanks a ton, It was exactly the amazing experience we expected.” — Ron & Kimberly (wedding 1/1/12) 1/2/12

“They are amazing!” (wedding pictures) — Heather & Alfred (wedding 12/10/11) 12/19/11

“Merry Maui Weddings made our dream day perfect. It was perfect and we can not thank them enough.” — Tracy & Sandy (wedding 12/7/11) 12/18/11

“Writing to say how wonderful the service was yesterday and how beautifullyhank you all a lot for the beautiful wedding ceremony last Friday, we really enjoyed it!” — Torsten & Dannelle (wedding 11/25/11) 11/29/11

“Thank you so much for the wedding and pics. It was everything we could have hoped for.” — Vanessa & Paul (wedding 11/15/11) 11/22/11

“Just wanted to thank you for a beautiful wedding. We appreciate all you have done.” — Deborah & Thomas (wedding 10/25/11) 10/30/11

“Thank you, thank you, thank you!! Mahalo a thousand times! Our video was perfect and our photos even better!!! U truly are an artist and so talented..... Casey and I are so pleased and wish we could do it all again. It was such a great time and turned out so good. Lots of love and happiness!” — Michelle & Casey (wedding 10/15/11) 10/22/11

“THANK you for being so specific and detailed with your last email!! I love all the tips and we are just so excited to work with you!” — Shelley & Garth 10/24/11

“We loved our wedding so so much, it turned out so nice ;-)... they (the pictures) are absolutely wonderful!!! Thank you so much!!! Casey and I will never forget our beautiful day your company helped make so special.” — Michelle & Casey (wedding 10/15/11) 10/18/11

“ Love the pictures. They all turned out great. I agree, I don't think we need any of them digitally enhanced...” — Devon & Tina (wedding 10/2/11) 10/10/11

“Thanks again for making our wedding so special!” — Sally & Matt (wedding 10/2/11) 10/5/11

“Thank you for such a wonderful ceremony. We couldn't have been happier. Ayesha, your words could not have been more appropriate, 1st Corrinthians is so clear about how we are to love each other and God. May God bless you both for all you do. With great appreciation and gratitude” — Rudi & Shelli Rae (wedding 10/4/11) 10/5/11

“ Thanks again for yesterday. It was spectacular.” — Devon & Tina (weddign 10/2/11) 10/3/11

“Lloyd and I just wanted to thank you both soooooo much for our beautiful wedding. It was everything we hoped for and so much more. And your pictures are just beautiful - the purple sky picture is amazing. We enlarged it to 16x20 and it is exactly like a postcard.” — Julie & Lloyd (wedding 8/22/11) 9/26/11

“ Love the pictures. They all turned out great. I agree, I don't think we need any of them digitally enhanced...” — Devon & Tina (wedding 10/2/11) 10/10/11

“Thanks again for making our wedding so special!” — Sally & Matt (wedding 10/2/11) 10/5/11

“Thank you for such a wonderful ceremony. We couldn't have been happier. Ayesha, your words could not have been more appropriate, 1st Corrinthians is so clear about how we are to love each other and God. May God bless you both for all you do. With great appreciation and gratitude” — Rudi & Shelli Rae (wedding 10/4/11) 10/5/11

“Thanks again for yesterday. It was spectacular.” — Devon & Tina (weddign 10/2/11) 10/3/11

“Lloyd and I just wanted to thank you both soooooo much for our beautiful wedding. It was everything we hoped for and so much more. And your pictures are just beautiful - the purple sky picture is amazing. We enlarged it to 16x20 and it is exactly like a postcard.” — Julie & Lloyd (wedding 8/22/11) 9/26/11

“Thanks again to you and Sandra for the beautiful wedding ceremony, pictures, memories, and experiences with you. We couldn't be happier or more satisfied with everything. If anyone ever needs a reference, give them our phone number!!” — Dave & Sue (wedding 9/10/11) 9/25/11

“Thank you for your wonderful customer service.” — Julie & Eric 9/23/11

“Thanks for making our special day all the more special. It was really enjoyable watching you work and treating us so well.” — Dave & Susan (wedding 9/10/11) 9/22/11

“You are our life savers & we thank you so much that words cannot express....” — Linda & Jonathan 9/22/11

“The overall service and value you all provided was exceptional and we were very pleased.” — John & Jenn (wedding 9/12/11) 9/20/11

“I did download the pictures and LOVE them! Thank you so much for all your hard work and taking the time to stage the additional photos.” — Victoria & Martin (wedding 8/3/11) 9/14/11

“We want to thank you for a truly wonderful experience and for all the attention you gave us in our cermony and our day.” — Mary & Tim (wedding 9/7/11) 9/12/11

“I already printed the pictures and am trying to figure out which are my favorites. They look great. Thanks for everything and expect another great review. I appreciate getting the pictures so quickly. I am going to make an album and bring them to the reception this weekend. I have a friend who just got engaged over the weekend and I have already suggested getting married in Maui.” — Erica & Wade (wedding 8/30/11) 9/6/11

“I can't thank you enough for calling me on your day off to go over all the details. I really do appreciate it and you were so very helpful... Your photos are amazing! A million times thanks!” — Tina & Jack 9/5/11

“Thank you for the pictures - great job! The location was perfect.” — Carolyn & Robert (wedding 8/23/11) 9/5/11

“Brett and I would both like to extend our 'thanks' for helping with our Wedding this past Tuesday. It was a pleasure meeting you as well as Rev. Ayesha. The ceremony was just what we were looking for. We really appreciated the meaning behind what Ayesha had to say. We are anxious to see the beautiful photos you took...” — (wedding 8/30/11) 9/2/11

“My wedding was perfect!” — Randy & Rekha (wedding 8/8/11) 8/29/11

“...David and I have begun to not only miss the island and its relaxed atmosphere over our own hectic lives on the mainland, but also to finally find time to print some of our beautiful wedding photographs and relive that wonderful day in our minds. Merry Maui Weddings gave a wonderful start to what we hope will be a long and happy life together. The photographs are amazing. You managed to capture those moments that will forever be etched in our minds for those who were unable to attend our wedding. For that I thank you. We have beautiful photographs to remember our special day that can transition us back to that moment in time on the beach in a single glance. Mahalo! Ayesha: thank you for a heartfelt ceremony that managed to say exactly what we wished to convey for our marriage to each other. We both were very happy with the wedding and you were beautiful in the photographs. Thank you again, Merry Maui Weddings, for making our special day so picturesque. Your suggestions were priceless from the lodging accommodations to the choice of beach. You made planning a destination wedding as easy as I imagine it could have been. We had no difficulties getting the marriage license, finding a great hotel, etc. Your recommendations really did make our Honeymoon that much better because we liked not only our ceremony but also the resort that you suggested. The staff there was also very helpful at providing their own recommendations for activities and the like. I have decided that Dorthy had it wrong in the Wizard of Oz. I think she should have said, "There's no place like Maui." We had a wonderful time and we can't wait to come back to celebrate anniversaries! Mahalo for making our special day so wonderful! We would recommend you to anyone!” — Angela & David (wedding 7/1/11) 8/1/11

“I want to thank you so much for putting together our dream wedding, its was more than I imagined. We were all very happy and blown away with the ceremony and everyones kindness. Brad and I love Maui so much we look forward in coming back soon, again I couldn't thank you enough for our beautiful sunset wedding. Everything came out perfect. God Bless!” — Luisa & Bradley (wedding 7/21/11) 7/27/11

“Just wanted to say thank you again for everything back on July 7th! The ceremony was done beautifully by your wife and we loved the musician! If we know of anyone, in the future, that needs a good recommendation, we will pass on your information!” — Rozana & Bryan (wedding 7/7/11) 7/18/11

“Thanks very much for organising a wonderful wedding - the photos are great. Appreciate all your help along the way and on the day!” — Regards, Rod & Michelle (wedding 6/30/11) 7/12/11

“ You truly put more than a job into your work. I like the personal touch. Makes us feel special. The cake was wonderful. Thank you for (the) friendly ceremony. A memory we will never forget.” — Joanne & Lenny (wedding 6/24/11) 7/10/11

“The wedding photography was amazing! Thank you again so much for our pictures. They were all so great, we have no preference of the ones included in our coffee table photo album.” — Michelle & Albert (wedding 5/14/11) 7/7/11

“We love the pictures! We are so happy with everything. Thank you to the both of you for the wonderful wedding ceremony, pictures, and videography. :) Btw, we went to (recommended restaurant) for our wedding dinner and loved the food and atmosphere! Thanks for the suggestion.” Gao & Rob (wedding 6/14/11) 6/27/11

“Thank you so much for giving us our dream wedding! Your recommendation for the ceremony to take place at Charley Young Beach was truely perfect, and can't imagine a better setting. We just recieved the pictures, and no words can express how thrilled we are with them. They were absolutley stunning!!! You did a wonderful job at capturing the beautiful essence of Hawaii and the breath taking views of the sunset. Our friends and family love the pics, and we've recommended everyone to get married in Maui! Thanks again!” — Marineil & Jesus (wedding 6/10/11) 6/25/11

“hi vincent THANK YOU... We were able to view (webcast) on the... computer! Very Nice!!!” — Lisa & Greg (wedding 6/8/11) 6/9/11

“Thanks for the beautiful ceremony. It was amazing.” —Wendy & Bryan (wedding 5/17/11) 6/8/11

“We wanted to thank you for our Hawaiian wedding, it was nice, simple and stress free, just what we wanted. The flowers and the location were beautiful...” — Tina & Nick (wedding 5/19/11) 6/4/11

“Thank you... You and Ayesha helped Susan and I have the wedding we dreamed about! Even though it took us thirty plus years to make it! The beach location you suggested was exactly what we envisioned. The ceremony Ayesha performed was so heart felt and meaningful, it really seemed to be written just for the two of us. The video of the ceremony is great and something we will cherish watching for years to come. We can't wait to see the photos but just from the ones you showed us, we know they'll be outstanding. Thank you both again for everything. Susan and I will / do / would, highly recommend Merry Maui Weddings to anyone looking to get married on Maui.” — Susan & Jeff

“Thank you! Everything was perfect for our wedding day - from our ceremony, to our beach shoot, to your recommendation to stop by the Kula Lodge for a drink, to our dinner at S'onz at Swan Lake at the Hyatt (they gave us a standing ovation, and everyone was extra attentive to every detail). Our very nice.” — Lisa & Scott 5/26/11

“Well, I dont know what to say!! except THANK YOU so much for your incredible job in capturing such a special day for us!! I was so excited to get the pictures that I took my computer with me in my car while they were downloading!! It is rare that I am in front of the camera...(always behind it) so when I looked at the pictures, I really had to ask myself..."Is this really me" in those incredible pictures! This was a long awaited wedding as we knew where we wanted to get married and with our past relationships ending hard for the both of us after 25 years each of marriage to our first spouses we took it very slow (8 years) . So we started to research ministers and photographers in Maui and for some reason you stood out over the phone.......I think it was because you said to me..." I am the BEST sunset photographer on the island"..(I like confidence!) Plus when I viewed your pictures I saw photos of "older" couples along with younger couples and just got a great feeling... I am SO glad I went with my gut and chose you! It was exciting not really knowing what to expect when we flew in... little did we know, we chose the best!! Ayesha's beautiful words drove my husband to tears, and your beautiful pictures captured my deep love for my husband and drove me to tears when I looked at them... We both thank you for being a part of our wedding... My friend, you dont charge enough!!! You can not put a price on the moments you captured... God Bless both of you!!” — Terri & Willie (wedding 5/5/11) 5/24/11

“It's almost one year now since you met us and officiated our wedding on June 19, 2010. We must tell you how happy we have been not only with the wedding itself, but being "Maui'd" for almost one year now. Charlene and I were high school sweethearts. We went our separate ways after high school and re-united after our 30th reunion. We chose to come to Hawaii and marry in 2010. Not knowing who-what-where-how and all that other stuff, we happened to find you two. We're so happy we did. Without you, we'd still be asking ourselves those same quesitons. Thank you so much for making our wedding so easy, so enjoyable, and memorable.” ‐ Mark & Charlene (wedding 6/19/10) 5/18/11

“Thank you for the great wedding on the beach last Thursday. It was really a beautifull setting and we will remember it forever.” — Al & Angie (wedding 5/12/11) 5/16/11

“thanks again for everything you did to make our vow renewal awesome.” — Ken & Mary (vow renewal 4/25/11) 5/10/11

“We just wanted to say thank you for our beautiful wedding on May 5th! It could not have been more perfect! You were a pleasure to meet.” — Terri & Willie (wedding 5/5/11) 5/7/11

“Thank you once again for a wonderful wedding! Everything was perfect! We can't wait to write you a proper recommendation and post it online everywhere we can.” — Roxana & Omar (wedding 4/27/11) 5/2/11

“The pictures arrived today and they look great. Thank you so much... again! You guys made this a great experience and I can't thank you enough. Take care, and mahalo!” — Ed & Jennifer (wedding 3/29/11) 4/18/21

“This is just to let you know that Merry Maui Weddings did a Great job on our wedding. We couldn't of asked for a better wedding. We are more then happy with the pics that were taken. Everything was AWESOME!!!!!!!!” — Stephanie & Tim Courtney (wedding 4/7/11) 4/13/11

“ Thank you for the wonderful job on our special day. The event went better than I could (have) imagine(d)... Tami and I thank you again.” — Tami & Richard (wedding 3/21/11) 4/7/11

“Tyler and I were so happy and pleased with our wedding on February 16th on Maui...It was beautiful and everything we had hoped and imagined it would be!” — Hallie & Tyler (wedding 2/16/11) 4/6/11

“I'd like to say thank you again for making this process so easy and memorable. It was just what we were looking for and I am sure we will look back on the experience with fond memories for many years to come.” — Ed & Jennifer (wedding 3/29/11) 4/4/11

“Shane and I got married by you guys and it was one of the best days of our lives...” — Shane & Sandy (wedding 4/3/10) 4/3/11

“Thank you for such an amazing wedding day, you guys were fantastic and so wonderful to work with! The pictures are absolutely incredible and we will never forget your kindness and hard work to make our day so special.” — Laura & Nate (wedding 3/23/11) 3/28/11

“Thank you for your help on the 13th, it (the wedding) really turned out better than we could have imagined...” — Ulysses & Kari (wedding 3/13/11) 3/22/11

“We just wanted to let you know we received the pictures in the mail yesterday and to thank you again for the perfect wedding and beautiful pictures!! We couldn't be happier with your services!! I have posted our wedding pics to share with family and friends on facebook and I posted your website link to advertise for you!! If we ever have the chance to recommend you to others interested in a Maui wedding we will do so!! Thank you so very much for everything and best wishes for you both!!” — Courtney & Scott (wedding 2/13/11) 3/2/11

“Scott and I just wanted to personally thank you for your special touch on our wedding day!! It was intimate and perfect and was exactly what we were looking for. We will always remember you two and will recommend you!!” — Courtney & Scott (wedding 2/13/11) 2/22/11

“Photos arrived! They are great!!! Thank you so much!!!” — Amy & Tom (wedding 12/22/10) 1/31/11

“Nora and I had a wonderful ceremony on 1-11-11...” — Nora & Keith (wedding 1/11/11) 1/21/11

“Of all the companies I have contacted in Maui you guys have not only returned my call but have some of the better prices and are very personable. Thanks” Kesha & Timothy 1/18/11

“We would like to thank you for being so great in this process of planning our Maui wedding. It has been very wonderful to work with you...” — Erin & Daniel 1/11/11

“Josh and I want to thank you for giving us a perfect sunset wedding! We could not be happier with our ceremony, video and pictures. We have gotten many compliments from family and friends concerning the beauty and quality of our video and pictures. Everyone involved with our wedding did a great job! We loved the music and the content of the ceremony. You made everything easy for us. We have many wonderful memories of our wedding. Thanks to you and your team! We truly appreciate the service, patience, understanding and care you provided.” — Lori & Joshua (wedding 10/27/10) 1/11/11

“My family and I really want to thank you and Ayesha for an absolutely beautiful wedding! We were also thrilled with the way everything turned out. You guys did an outstanding job and we can't thank you enough... for making our wedding day exquisite and magical!” — Rashelle & Justin (wedding 12/27/10) 1/9/11

“Thank you! We are well pleased with our photos! You did a fantastic job.” — Claudette & Johnson (wedding 12/11/10) 1/9/11

“Thank you Ayesha. Cynthia and I were thrilled with our wonderful wedding! The setting you helped us pick out was great, and we thought the ceremony itself was really nice. We received the CD with the photos recently and we really liked the variety and quality of the photos you took. Thanks again for making our sunset Maui wedding everything we had hoped for. It was perfect.” — Carlos & Cynthia (wedding 11/5/10) 12/13/10

“I just wanted you to know how much Scott and i enjoyed our wedding you made our dream beach wedding come true. In case anyone has any doubts about you, I would recomend you to anyone. Scott and i got lost and were about 30 min late but you still did our wedding and made us feel so calm. You did not give up on us and we are very grateful Thank you so very much!!!” — Kelly & Scott (wedding 11/12/10) 11/22/10

“Joe and I wanted to say a sincere and heartfelt Mahalo for our wedding ceremony on November 1, 2010! It was absolutely everything we wanted it to be, and couldn't be happier with how it went. We were so nervous coming into it, having come from so far away, but you both provided such a lovely and memorable day for us, we can't thank you enough! We love the video and are so excited to share it with our families this coming holiday!” — Claudine & Joe (wedding 11/1/10) 11/22/10

“I am referring a friend named (deleted due to privacy concerns) who is planning on getting married in Hawaii next November. We are in the same hula halau here together in Missouri. She saw our pictures and it seems to be what she is looking for. I told her what a wonderful job you guys did. It was more (the quality of our wedding services and their experience) than we ever imagined.” — Jen & Rich (wedding 6/16/06) 11/19/10

“Thank you again for a beautiful ceremony! We thought everything was just as perfect as could be!” — Julie & (wedding 10/20/10) 11/9/10

“I wanted to thank you for giving us exactly what we were hoping for in our Maui wedding. It was simple but beautiful. It was perfect!! You were wonderful to work with and so helpful throughout the entire process. Even when the rain came, you had a solution for that too!!! We can't thank you enough for all that you did for us. We are so happy!! It was a little tough getting back to reality after spending a week in beautiful Maui but we are adjusting back to life it Pittsburgh.” — Kelli & Jeff (wedding 10/20/10) 11/8/10

“Thank you again for an awesome wedding and day. You guys rock!” — Steve & Shannon (wedding 10/29/10) 11/7/10

“I just wanted to thank you for everything. It was beautiful. I was very pleased with everything.” — (wedding 10/19/10) 10/27/10

“Thank you for the beautiful memories of our wedding, for suggesting such a marvelous location, and for all of your assistance.” — Carolyn & Scott (wedding 10/8/10) 10/26/10

“Thank you for a gorgeous wedding ceremony... we were very fortunate and the weather was simply amazing and perfect. Couldn't have planned a better event.” — Tonya & Freddy (wedding 10/10/10) 10/25/10

“Thank you so much for a great ceremony and wonderful pictures!! We have received many compliments on the pictures and continue to enjoy looking at them ourselves!! Thank you!!!!” — Traci & Tony (wedding 10/15/10) 10/25/10

“Thanks for the photos. We really love them!” — Shelley & Ryan (wedding 9/13/10) 10/13/10

“I just wanted to say thank you again. Our wedding day was perfect. Brent and I loved the location you suggested.” — Vantha & Brent (wedding 9/25/10) 10/12/10

“Thank you so much for arranging an absolutely perfect wedding! Especially for getting Pastor Laki to officiate - he was absolutely wonderful and exactly what we were hoping for. Our only regret is that we didn't ask for a DVD of the ceremony so that we could experience it all again!” — Teri & John (wedding 10/1/10) 10/7/10

“We downloaded the pictures and they are absolutely beautiful. You are a very talented photographer.” — Debi (wedding 9/10/10) 10/4/10

“Just want to let you know Dan & I received you photos and they came out great. Thank you and you wife for making our day so special.” — Christina & Daniel (wedding 9/3/10) 9/30/10

“Just a quick note to thank you both so much for the most incredible wedding imaginable! We had the best day of our lives by far!” — Shelley & Ryan (wedding 9/13/10) 9/28/10

“Thank you both for an unforgettable afternoon we had a great time. The choice for are pictures to be taken on the bluff was a wonderful idea.” — Christina & Aleksander (wedding 9/23/10) 9/27/10

“I wanted to thank you for the ceremony on Thursday. It was great!” — Raja & Kristen (wedding 9/23/10) 9/27/10

“I enjoyed speaking at length with you the other day regarding our upcoming wedding. I already felt comfortable with you and the conversation definitely sealed the deal.” — Matt & Sally 9/24/10

“Finally back from our trip and back to reality... had to suffer through work today. I wanted to thank you again for suggesting the "Secret Beach"... It was the perfect spot. Both Shellie and I were ecstatic about how well the ceremony was and will remember for it a very long time.” — David & Shellie (wedding 9/14/10) 9/21/10

“Those are very lovely pictures! We love them! Thanks for making it so nice for us.(Smiles!)” — Lala & Leo (wedding 8/8/10) 9/10/10

“Thanks so much for making our planning process so smooth and stress-free!!” — Glenn (wedding 9/24/10) 9/10/10

“Thank you for all of your help. You have given us great customer serivce.” — Angela & Buddy (wedding 8/11/11) 8/25/10

“Everything (all the pictures) came out perfect! We were able to show a slide show at our party reception when we got home. Both Zac and I would like to thank you very much for everything.” — Melissa & Zac (wedding 8/12/10) 8/24/10

“John and I just wanted to say thanks again for making our wedding memorable --the location, the ceremony, the photos,, the bouquet, and your help with hair and dinner reservations. We took your advice and went to Pacific O's and had a very romantic, incredible meal... Thanks again for helping us make our wedding so special.” — Margo & John (wedding 8/17/10) 8/24/10

“Larry and I would like to thank you and your wonderful wife for marrying us on the 17th. It was perfect... and we could not be happier!!!” — Rachell & Larry (wedding 8/17/10) 8/23/10

“Hi! I just wanted to say thanks for everything! You guys did an awesome job, and Hawaii was amazing! Thanks again everything was beautiful!” — Melissa & Craig (wedding 8/3/10) 8/16/10

“We wanted to thank you again for a wonderful wedding! Everything was beautiful.” — Melissa & Zac (wedding 8/12/10) 8/15/10

“Hello! I was writing to let you guys know you did a wonderful job on our wedding. We loved it and loved all of the pictures that we received. We also got our DVD in the mail today as well.” — Michelle & Jessie (wedding 7/8/10) 7/31/10

“Wow!!! We were so very pleased with everything, it all went so smoothly. All of you worked as an awesome team, so we can not say it enough... mahalo from the bottom of our hearts..... We have already watched the video, and it was amazing quality and positioned perfectly, we are excited and looking forward to seeing the pictures.... we definitely would like for you to make us one of those coffee table wedding hard bound albums as we are sure it will be just as amazing as everything you have done already.... and we will recommend you to everyone....Aloha!” — Amy & Dana (20th Anniv vow renewal 7/14/10) 7/16/10

“We received our wedding book yesterday... It is absolutely perfect and we love it! It brings back amazing memories of our wedding.” — Laura & Brian 7/9/10

“Thank you so much! I love the pictures! Ayesha did such a wonderful job. Thank you for assisting in making our day a great one!” — Melissa & Brian (wedding 6/12/10) 7/6/10

“nothing but incredible comments on the pictures. A lot of jealous individuals out there :) You did an incredible job.” — Nathan & Amy (wedding 5/14/10) 6/15/10

“Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding ceremony...” — Patrick & Barbara (wedding 5/29/10) 6/6/10

“John and I just finished watching the video and it was AMAZING !!! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job, and making everything perfect. We are so happy to have worked with you and your wife.” — Christina & John (wedding 5/30/10) 5/31/10

“Thank you for an amazing wedding ceremony. It was BEAUTIFUL!” — Toni & Justin (wedding 5/10/10) 5/27/10

“I am so excited to work with you and your lovely wife. I do everything based on gut-feeling and what my heart says. When I heard her voice and saw her honest eyes on your website, I knew you guys were perfect to be there as our lives changed and our "new" forever began. Let me sincerely say thank you and I look forward to meeting you!!!!” — Deanna "Deena" B. 5/25/10

“Thank you so much for a wonderful wedding ceremony...” — Patrick & Barbara (wedding 5/29/10) 6/6/10

“John and I just finished watching the video and it was AMAZING !!! Thank you so much for doing such a wonderful job, and making everything perfect. We are so happy to have worked with you and your wife.” — Christina & John (wedding 5/30/10) 5/31/10

“Thank you for an amazing wedding ceremony. It was BEAUTIFUL!” — Toni & Justin (wedding 5/10/10) 5/27/10

“I am so excited to work with you and your lovely wife. I do everything based on gut-feeling and what my heart says. When I heard her voice and saw her honest eyes on your website, I knew you guys were perfect to be there as our lives changed and our "new" forever began. Let me sincerely say thank you and I look forward to meeting you!!!!” — Deanna "Deena" B. 5/25/10

“Thank you for sending over the link for the picture download. We were able to download them without a problem. The pictures turned out great and we really appreciate all you and your wife did for our wedding as everything was absolutely perfect and magical!” — Tracy & Greg (wedding 5/5/10) 5/26/10

“I am sooooooo glad we found you!!!&rduo; ‐ Patti D. (wedding 7/5/10) 5/24/10

“The pictures are beautiful. Thank you very much for everything.” — Nathan & Amy (wedding 5/14/10) 5/23/10

“I wanted to thank you both for helping make our wedding so special.” — Avrielle & Tyler (wedding 4/24/10) 5/18/10

“Love the pictures! Thank you so much!” — Loran & Cory (wedding 4/21/10) 5/16/10

“Thank you so much for the beautiful wedding ceremony you performed on 5/5/10 ... Everything was perfect and we couldn't have asked for anything more! Thanks again for everything and it was a pleasure working with you. Aloha and Mahalo!” — Tracy & Greg (wedding 5/5/10) 5/11/10

“Thank you so much! It was a beautiful ceramony. And, I really appriciate the time you took with the photographs.” — Carrie Hoffman (wedding 4/9/10) 4/21/10

“we wanted to say thank you very much for everything we are so happy to of had ya'll do our wedding. ya'll were so nice and wonderful.” — Kayla & Devon (wedding 4/1/10) 4/6/10

“Wanted to thank you for a wonderful ceremony. The spot you helped us choose was perfect.” — Cheryl & Don (wedding 3/5/10) 3/19/10

“Thank you guys so much for giving us such a perfect wedding! I can't thank you enough! The location was beautiful, the ceremony was so heartfelt. Exactly what we were looking for. I will be referring your company and it's services to everyone!” — Miquela & Andrew (wedding 3/1/10) 3/3/10

“The pictures are just pure magic! The only trouble I had was deciding which ones I wanted large prints of, they were all beautiful!!” — Gia (wedding 1/16/10) 3/2/10

“You're amazing!! You're a very good photographer! The previews u sent were beautiful... brought tears to my eyes. Can't wait to see them all. Thank u all for your wonderful work!” — Frankie & Alysa (wedding 2/14/10) 2/15/10

“ The ceremony was done so professionally and Ayesha Sandra Lee our minister was very calming and spiritual...... we are so happy with the results........ We set the pictures you sent us to music and they are fantastic......Thanks again” — Michael & Lilia (wedding 12/21/10) 2/8/10

“We cannot fully express how pleased we were with the beautiful and oh so spiritual wedding that you brought to us!! I don't believe there was a dry eye on the bluff that evening. We have been truly blessed.” — Gia & Andrew (wedding 1/16/10) 2/1/10

“I wanted to let you know the pictures turned out very well and were beautiful. The beach was secluded and provided a wonderful setting for our wedding. Thank you very much for being great to work with!” — Mandy & DJ (wedding 9/16/09) 1/5/10

“Thank you for the CD with the photos. They are wonderful!” — Jeanette & Tony (wedding 11/10/09) 1/4/10

“Thanks again for everything, it was truly the best day of our lives.” — Ben & Amber (wedding 12/5/09) 1/1/10

thanks so much!!! The pictures look great. You guys made everything so easy and kept it fun as well as professional. We really appreciate everything...seriously! Thanks again!&rdquo: — Ashlee & Gudeo (wedding 11/11/09) 12/7/09

I just want to tell you that our pictures are phenomenal! You captured everything from our happiness to the colors in the sunset. Thank you again to you and your wife for a very beautiful, memorable, and stress-free wedding! I will recommend Merry Maui Weddings to anyone I know getting Maui'd!” — Rachael & Jack (wedding 12/1/09) 12/7/09

“Just wanted to say thank you again for a wonderful evening. The ceremony was beautiful and everything else was just perfect. We loved every moment.” — Rachael & Jack (wedding 12/1/09) 12/2/09

“I just wanted to tell you the photos were BEAUTIFUL ~~ thank you.” — Pam Anderson (her vow renewal and her daughter's wedding on 11/9 and 11/10/09) 11/23/09

“Words cannot express how happy Dave and I were with wedding. The ceremony was perfect, the setting was amazing and our pictures are phenomenal. I have shown so many people already and they cannot believe what a great job they did of capturing our happiness. The entire event was stress free and all about us thanks to the two of you. I thank you both so much for making our marriage everything we had dreamed it could be. What a great way to make a living, making others so happy.” — Julie & Dave (wedding 11/9/09) 11/17/09

“Hello! Dustin and I wanted to say thank you for making our wedding on October 24th, 2009 a great experience! We couldn't have asked for more beautiful weather and you both made us feel comfortable and at ease. Thanks again.” — Amy & Dustin (wedding 10/24/09) 11/16/09

“Barry and I would like to thank you for the amazing morning service you performed. It was perfect and exactly what we wanted for our wedding. The beach was amazing, perfect in location and in setting. We felt like we were the only ones there, tucked away in that perfect rockey nook with our toes in the sand. The service was beautiful. You put into words our thoughts on such an eventful day and we could not have written it ourselves more perfectly. Thank you, you made our wedding day exactly what we hoped for and we will cherish those memories for a lifetime.” — Tammy & Barry (wedding 10/28/09) 11/9/09

“Thank you so much for the amazing ceremony, it was in every way perfect.” — Nicole & Mark (wedding 10/24/09) 11/8/09

“Thanks again for everything! It was beautiful!!!” — Beth & Kasey (wedding 11/3/09) 11/7/09

“I really appreciate all your help, referrals, and quick responses.” — Rachael & Zach 10/19/09

“Thank you for everything you have done for Justin and I. The wedding was beautiful and memorable. All of our guests loved the ceremony and enjoyed their trip to Hawaii. We couldn't have asked for anything more!” — Liz & Justin (wedding 9/5/09) 10/16/09

“Thank you for a fabulous wedding on the 27th (9/27/09).” — Michelle & Nicolas (wedding 9/27/09) 10/5/09

“I just wanted to let you two know how greatly we appreciated you, the ceremony and pictures. The ceremony was exactly what I had had in mind and the pictures turned out better than I ever could have imagined. You guys made our wedding the most memorative moment and exceeded all of our ideas we had before arriving to Maui, we could not have been happier with it. The pictures look like they came out of a magazine, they are beautiful, thank you again for giving them to us quickly. We can not say enough good things about our special day thanks to you two. Feel free to use this email or our pictures. Thank you again.” — Carrie Davis-Kessler (wedding 9/15/09) 10/1/09

“We wanted to thank you so much, for everything. Our 09/09/09 wedding was so amazing it almost seemed unreal!!! It truly was a dream come true!!” — Wendi & Chris (wedding 9/9/09) 9/25/09

“Thank you so much for all the attention to details, from your website to e-mails!! I was so hesitant about having a wedding in Maui, so far from home, and was going to plan a wedding in Las Vegas, but you guys have really made me feel like everything will be just perfect (and sooooo much nicer and prettier :)).” — Grace & Jimmy 9/16/09

“We love the pictures you made at our wedding. We already have a picture book with your fotos and it looks really great. Thanks to both of you, you made our wedding to a really great event.” — Michaela & JŁergen (wedding 7/23/09) 9/10/09

“Joe and I were please with how things turned out. The sunset photos at the beach were great! Thanks for everything that you did.” — Amanda and Joe Houske (wedding 6/27/09) 8/26/09

“Just wanted to thank you for the beautiful ceremony we had on aug 9th... We are eagerly awaiting to see how the pics came out from the top of the rocks on the beach, we had such an amazing time, thank you guys for everything...” — Jessica & Nathan (wedding 8/11/09) 8/21/09

“Beth and I would like to thank you again for such an amazing wedding in Maui! The ceremony was perfect, the location beautiful, and the pictures more than we could of asked for. Our family and friends are really impressed. Thank you for the individual and professional attention you gave us, and thank you for making it so easy for us... all we had to do was show up. We will definitely recommend you to anyone considering a destination wedding, and feel free to use any of the pictures on your website. It was hard to leave!” — Ben & Beth (wedding 8/2/09) 8/18/09

“Thank you so much for everthing that you did to make our wedding an amazing event! We were thrilled with everything!! I can't believe how terrific it was and how easy you made it for us. Everything from the site selection to the vows, etc. The ceremony was amazing. We just received the pictures and they are fantastic! I was amazed to see how many of them turned out beautifully and the scenery was just perfect. I also am so glad that we purchased the video; we have already watched it four times. We were also thrilled with the musician and flowers! Thank you for arranging everything. It was everything that we had hoped for and then some. Thanks a million!!” — Diane & Mike (wedding 7/7/09) 8/10/09

“I just wanted to say thank you for all the information you provided. You were very helpful and thorough.”

“Once again, we wanted to thank you for your work. It truly was a "dream wedding"!!!” — Malgorzata & Maciej Sakowicz (wedding 7/15/09) 7/19/09

“I liked (your ideas and) how friendly and helpful you were on the phone” — Linda & Barry 7/18/09

“We wanted to say thank you again for your wonderful services! Our wedding was absolutely amazing, and our pictures are beautiful! We can't stop looking at them! Everything turned out perfect, and we couldn't have asked for anything more!!!” — James & Jennifer Vietzke (wedding 6/29/09) 7/7/09

“We received the photos today. They are fabulous. Thank you.” — April & Bryce (wedding 5/26/09) 6/25/09

“We received our disc and just had to tell you we loved it!! You do awesome work! Everyone thinks the pics are so pretty that they look fake :-).” — Donna & Rick (wedding 5/18/09) 6/19/09

“Kayleigh and I just got back to HK. We had a great time in Hawaii and we thought the wedding was perfect.” — Daniel & Kayleigh (wedding 6/5/09) 6/12/09

“We are very excited to get married in Maui. We want to thank you for the easy going and very easy setup of a wedding and making our dream come true. Everything looks perfect in the package that we have set up and will notify you if anything changes before that date. Attached is a picture of us for your reference. Once again thank you so much for your help and we can't wait to get out to Maui.” — Mike & Leah 6/3/09

“Maverick and I would like to thank you for everything that you did to make our wedding in Maui on May 8, 2009 the best! It was absolutely perfect and it could not have happened without you! The ceremony was absolutely beautiful and the pictures from the wedding were amazing! Everyone we have shown our pictures to have said that our pictures are the best wedding photos they have ever seen! Thank you for making our day so special!” — Jessica & Maverick (wedding 5/8/09) 6/1/09

“Thank you very much for the confirmation email. We could tell that we chose a trustworthy wedding company with reading through the email, the terms and policies. We do understand that MMW is the company which is doing the best to make sure weddings (will be) perfect for its clients.” — Haruka & Tristan 5/30/09

“I appreciate your continued professionalism.” — Maria Laghab 5/29/09

“We just received our DVD - Wow!...great work! We really enjoyed seeing the video of our wedding - what perfect timing too - yesterday was our one month anniversary. Thank you for everything you both did to make our wedding day picture perfect.” — Aurora & Keith (wedding 4/26/09) 5/25/09

“Thank u for all of your assistance in arranging our wedding. Ernest (the minister) was awesome!” — Jamie & Ted (wedding 5/22/09) 5/24/09

“Bill and I want to say mahalo to you for the wedding on 4/21. You made the special moments of our lives truely special. And we want to thank you for it. We saw the photos and we like the pictures. Please also let Cindy know that we thank her as well. She was great and very sweet.” — Bill & Julia Arnold (wedding 4/21/09) 5/7/09

“Thanks again for a great wedding experience. It was wonderful to have a nice, low-key event that eliminated most of the stress that comes with big productions. Picture quality was great... Very pleasant ceremony that meant a great deal to both of us. Thank you very much, for getting photo CD done for us the same week. Greatly appreciate your effort there, made our travels home much easier that Barb could see her wedding photos!!!” — David & Barb Donat (wedding 4/6/09) 4/22/09

“Thank you very much for yesterday. It was a truly memorable occasion and we both really enjoyed the experience.” — Colette & Steve (wedding 4/17/09) 4/18/09

“Thank you for the beautiful ceremony. You guys helped make wonderful memories that we will cherish forever. Also, thank you for the advise on places to go while we were there.” — Jennifer & Andy Skov (wedding 3/31/09) 4/6/09

“I learned a lot about Hawaiian wedding rules from your website. I appreciate that you tell people the information, which some of other companies dont even mention.” — Haruka Hirata 3/23/09

“Thank you for the pictures. They are lovely.” — A.J. & M.J. (wedding 3/2/09) 3/12/09

“I just love the photographs, you ... did a wonderful job of capturing a very special day for Mike and I. As I looked at them it brought tears to my eyes, thanks so much!"” — Cindy A. Tyler (wedding 2/17/09) 3/9/09

“It hardly seems possible that we have been married one week and one day and all the preparations were completed and the wedding was beautiful. We could not have asked for a better day in Maui. We felt blessed and honored to have our friends and relatives attend such a beautiful celebration. Even had people staying at the resort ask if we were the couple that got married on Friday -- even took pictures to send home to show their friends our beautiful wedding. Thank you for your help and the beautiful hula. We felt honored to have you perform the wedding hula. The ukulele player (Kane) was terrific and everyone enjoyed the day as much as we did. Pastor Laki made us feel blessed in a very spiritual way and we could not have chosen a more perfect celebrant.” — E. & J. (weddng 2/26/09) 3/7/09

“Thanks so much for the lovely wedding on 02/11. It was truly a wonderful event! We really appreciate all of your help and service. Please extend our thanks and gratitude for a great wedding to everyone who participated from Merry Maui Weddings. Great photo collection!” — Karin Walike (wedding 2/11/09) 2/17/09

“Thank you for a wonderful ceremony in Maui on Jan 19, 2009. You really provide a great service to those that still believe in marriage. MAHALO NUI LOA. We will refer you guys to all our friends that may be interested in (having a) vow renewal.” — Jose Serrano (wedding 1/19/09) 2/2/09

“Thank you both so much for the beautiful wedding that you have done for us. We were very pleased and so happy that we chose Merry Maui weddings!” — Cindy & Mark Parker (wedding 1/11/09) 1/25/09

“I got the cd with our pictures. I just wanted to thank you for doing such a great job, they are wonderful. I will definitely recommend you to my customers.....” Marlene' Beckett-French (wedding 12/24/08) 1/21/09

“Thank you again for all your assistance with our travel plans to date. You have been immensely helpful and it has been appreciated.” Donna 1/13/09

“Thank you for the beautiful wedding on the beach, we enjoyed it very much.” — Marlene Beckett & Ken French (wedding 12/24/08) 12/29/08

“Wow, the pictures you sent are great! We had a wonderful time at our wedding. I don't think it could have turned out better!” — Stephanie Ronchetto (wedding 10/25/08) 12/18/08

“...we had (have) our photo disc playing on screensaver slideshow in three rooms of the house, the desktop in the den near the front door, the laptop in the great room, and the Nintendo Wii on the big screen in our basement entertainment area. The wedding photos were very popular with all of our 40 or so guests. The quality of the photos made for eyepopping results. The lighting, colour, backdrops, and composition impressed everyone. Just wanted you to know that your work was of fine quality. Helen and I enjoyed our marriage ceremony. Even though we were in an informal setting, the ceremony was formal enough that we felt we were participating in a sacred rite. The exchange of leis is a nice addition to the ceremony and we will always know that we were joined in a way that was unique, that most mainland couples do not experience. I would recommend a beach wedding to others as you can be more relaxed their and enjoy yourself instead of worrying about all the little things that can go wrong in a church service. We would like to extend a thank you for making our happy day so unique and special. We won't be able to forget the memories of the beach that day and really what more can you ask for than fabulous memories of your wedding day. Arranging our wedding with you from the online ad took a leap of faith, as you don't know what to expect, especially when you're having a beach wedding. But our day was excellent and we would be happy to endorse your company with a brief write up. You may also use any of the photos from our wedding to advertise with.” — Helen & Steve Drew (wedding 11/17/08) 12/17/08

“You all just are awesome!” — Amanda Hamilton & James Barlow (wedding 12/5/08) 12/15/08

“We cannot thank you both enough for our wedding. Everything was absolutely perfect! We couldn't have asked for any more!” — Amanda Hamilton & James Barlow (wedding 12/5/08) 12/12/08

“Scott and I just wanted to thank you both for a wonderful ceremony and a wonderful experience in dealing with you both! Thank you for making our wedding so perfect!” — Michelle Molan & Scott Kelling (wedding 12/3/08) 12/9/08

“The pictures are great and I like all of them.” — Sarah Bradley (wedding 11/11/08) 11/16/08

“The pictures look great!!! We have had a difficult time picking 120/170 (for the album), but we finally did. It was very tough choosing since you did such a great job on all of them. We appreciate all that you have done for us. Thanks for the great work!” — Renee Storbeck-Uemura (wedding 8/14/08) 11/4/08

“Thank you both for all of your help to make our wedding last week a lovely and memorable event.” — Evelyn and Randy (wedding 10/21/08) 10/27/08

“I wanted to thank you for all your help with our wedding. Everything turned out really great and I appreciate all of your help thru out the entire year to prepare for it. I couldn't have asked for anything better! Thank you :o)” — Kendra Nacarratto (wedding 9/12/08) 9/26/08

“You and your lovely wife did a beautiful job for our wedding last summer on 7-5-07. The photos and video came out so well...” — Dawn & Zane (wedding 7/5/07) 9/16/08

“I wanted to make it my priority to send you a quick note of thanks as soon as we returned home from Maui. Your service was impeccable and the images you provided us with following the ceremony were nothing short of perfect for Devin and I. We want to express our gratitude for your time and professionalism. We could not have asked for a more perfect wedding in Maui. It was our dream come true. I will be certain to refer any of my friends who wish to be married in Maui to you!” — Savannah Magnussen (wedding 9/5/08) 9/9/08

“I just wanted to let you know that we received the photo's this weekend and we are are very pleased with how they came out.” — Andrew Smith (wedding 8/16/08) 9/8/08

“Again we thank you for all your help you helped make our Wedding Day perfect. We appreciate you making us feel very comfortable and having the Wedding run smoothly.” — Renee Storbeck-Uemura (wedding 8/14/08) 8/27/08

“I appreciate the ease of communication and flexibility you offer in designing everything just the way we want.” — Cissy Hepburn 8/22/08

“I appreciate the ease of communication and flexibility you offer in designing everything just the way we want.” — Cissy Hepburn (8/22/08)

“Thank you both so much for the beautiful ceremony this last Tuesday. Vic and I both enjoyed it very much.” — Connie & Victor Lechuga (wedding 8/12/08) 8/18/08

“Mahalo again to both you and Ayesha for your wonderful service... The experience was wonderful!” — Yochy & Alex Cano (wedding 7/26/08) 8/5/08

“ two are (the) most loving people and your beautiful (photo) work leaves me without words to say enough thanks.” — Ken DeLooze (vow renewal 6/16/08) 7/30/08

“We decided that we liked your photo's the best...” — Rachel Windmeyer 7/28/08

“Everyone loves the pics you took and loved the entire wedding. We still can't get over how wonderful it was.” — Joanna & Jeremy (wedding 6/19/08) 7/25/08

“Greetings again Ayesha. We are back home now, and wanted to take a minute to say Thanks again for all of your help in making our wedding day so special. Tammy and I are so pleased that we had Merry Maui Weddings coordinate this wonderful time in our lives. We were extremely nervous about trying set this up from half way around the world, but made the decision to trust the two of you and move forward. From the very first phone contact, right through the site selection and beautiful ceremony, Merry Maui Weddings upheld our trust and exceeded our expectations. The entire staff worked hard to make this an experience we will cherish for the rest of our lives. My friends and family can't believe what a magnificent job you did with the photographs. It's as though we're looking at someone's fairy tale wedding when we view the album and feel so lucky that we actually lived each moment that he captured on film. We will be able to relive those moments each time we see the pictures with fond memories of that magical day. Thanks again for a "Dream Wedding.” — Barry & Tammy Wyatt (wedding 7/9/08) 7/16/08

“Just want to thank you both again for the beautiful wedding. We will never forget it. It was so beautiful. We love all the pics. Where we got married was perfect. If anyone asks about it I will tell them the perfect place and people to marry them. You two are a wonderful couple. Take care and be happy! We sure are...” — Jeremy & Joanna Lindsay (wedding 6/19/08) 7/6/08

“Thank you so much for the beautiful ceremony on (at) Blowhole Beach Cove. Malin and I were so pleased with everything. Thank you again.” — Malin & Bryan (wedding 6/6/08) 6/20/08

“Thank you for making our wedding a memorable one! It was definitely one of the happiest days in our lives and we look forward to our future together.” — Nuny & Jeff Cabanting (wedding 6/6/08) 6/18/08

“All of our thanks to Merry Maui Weddings for an amazing day. The feed back from all of our guests was that it was the most beautiful wedding they had been to. Thank you for all your help and advice from beginning to end. You not only coordinated our entire wedding from location to dining to music and flowers but you were the reason we chose Maui, Keawakapu beach, and our accommodations at the Maui Mana Kai. You listened to all of our needs from the first phone conversation and recommended a more remote place for an intimate vacation with accessibility to everything we wanted to do. All we really had to do was be there! We canít wait to revisit this beautiful island.” — Jeffrey & Tanya Bond (wedding 5/1/08) 6/9/08

“I was just thinking about our wedding today and how wonderful it truly was, and I wanted to thank you both again for helping us make our dream wedding come true. :) I was looking at your site today and all of the pictures you have of other couples, and I'm sure everyone is just as happy as we are. :) Can you tell I really want to go back?? Sigh...too bad for real life!” — Melanie & Josh (wedding 2/18/10) 6/9/08

“I quickly wanted to tell you how pleased we were with the photos you snapped. You did a great job. Your photos will lonnnnng be appreciated. You and your wife have provided us lasting, memorable memories/impressions. Please count on me for any future recommendations. On my side, I will excite all my friends to wed (and re-wed) in MAUI....” — Maurice & Holanda (wedding 5/3/08) 6/8/08

“Thank you so much for your prompt response and cheerful was a joy to receive your messages.” — Chelsie Adams 6/5/08

“We are very happy to be working with you on our special day.” — Elaine Vuyosevich 6/3/08

“Thank you so much for an amazing photo shoot! We CAN'T WAIT to see all of the pictures!!” — Jennifer & Thomas (wedding 5/19/08) 5/24/08

“We received the photo book today... It's really beautiful... What a nice way to show people our wedding photos.” — Brenda & Akinori Kaneta 5/23/08

“I have gotten my album yesterday and it looks great..Thank you both very much!!” — Narinder Nooney 5/23/08

“We just wanted to email you to say thank-you for a great wedding ceremony. We just looked at the pictures and they look great. Thank-you again.” — Jasrin & Maurice (wedding 5/10/08) 5/13/08

“We just wanted to say thank you to for everything you guys did. You staged an outstanding intimate wedding and we truly enjoyed your company.” — Sheila & David (wedding 4/22/08) 5/6/08

“You are so great... and so responsive!” — Maria Gladowsky 5/5/08

“Thank you for being such a blessing to us.” — Brenda Lopez & Mark Beitzel 5/1/08

“We thought the beach you recommended was excellent, very serene and beautiful.” — Stacie Blough 4/11/08

“We received our Storybook (custom published coffee table picture book) today and it will be cherished for the rest of our lives. It still blows me away how you captured our day so perfectly. Our family and friends are in awe of how beautiful the photographs are.” — CeCe & Steve (wedding 2/9/08) 4/8/08

“I want to first thank you for the almost immediate response to my initial inquery!!!I am so excited about this new chapter in my life I just can't stand it, and for you to e-mail me back so quickly it just proves to me already that you love what you do and look forward to working with each of your clients.” — Brandi Bolinger 4/3/08

“I once again thank you for all of your help. I don't know what we would do without you!” — Johanna Gonzales (wedding 8/16/08) 4/3/08

“Thank you folks for keeping in touch with me. I did not return the phone calls as you have been in touch with my fiance (Heekyung). Thanks so much for being so attentive to our questions.” — SK 4/2/08

“Thank you so much!! You are both wonderful. :)” — Melanie Aguda 3/26/08

“I just wanted to say thank you for everything you did for our wedding. It turned out to be perfect for us. You did an excellent job and it will be a day always remebered by David and I (and also our guests). I also wanted to let you know that we have received the CD, the video and the book. They all turned out great. Thanks again for everything and for being part of our special day.” — Jenny & David (wedding 1/22/08) 3/25/08

“Great pictures! Your website photos look AMAZING!” — Caitlin DeWilde 3/11/08

“The Web gallery is beautiful! Also, we received our CD's and think they are AWESOME” — CeCe & Steve (wedding 2/9/08) 3/10/08

“All four of us (daughter's wedding & parent's vow renewal) have fond memories of our special day and the extra effort you and your team went through to make that day memorable.” — Al Kamensky (wedding 7/6/04) 3/6/08

“You are such a lifesaver!!!” — Ann Hamilton 3/4/08

“Please use our thank you card as a testimonial of how wonderful our experience with you has been.” — CeCe & Steve (wedding 2/9/08) 2/28/08

“Akinori and I can't thank you enough for everything. Our wedding was more perfect than anything I could have even imagined. EVERYTHING, not just the location, was PERFECT! The (private) luau was AMAZING!!! Everyone had such a great time, and I have NEVER seen my dad get up an be so happy to shake his behind in front of people. It was so wonderful to see everyone having such a good time. Marcie (hairdresser) made me cry before the wedding even got started! I have never felt so beautiful in my entire life! I was really worried about my make-up and hair to tell you the truth because there was no pre-trial or anything, but when I looked in the mirror when she finished I didn't even recognize the girl looking backing at me, I was so beautiful, and in all the e-mails we've received from people who have seen photos, EVERYONE, without fail, comments on how beautiful I looked. She is a true professional. Our wedding was by far the best wedding I have ever been to, and my parents went out to dinner with the rest of the relatives who came from my side of the family, who all agreed and said that people would be talking about our wedding for years. My parents and Akinori's parents have asked me over and over again to make sure that I thank you both on their behalf as well. We are all just so appreciative of everything you did and that everyone did for us to make our day so perfect and so special. I don't think there are more words that I can use to express justhow much we loved every single minute of that day, and how appreciative we are of all of your help. Thank you, thank you, thank you. We just can't say it enough!!” — Brenda & Akinori Kaneta (wedding 1/26/08) 2/20/08

“Thank you sooooo much again for our beautiful and perfect wedding. I had this picture in my head of how I wanted it to be, and I never thought I'd get to be one of those girls that gets their dream wedding!! :) All thanks to two wonderful people! Someday, I hope you guys get a chance to come up to good ol' Washington and bring some Hawaiian spirit with you! :)” — Melanie Aguda (wedding 2/18/08) 2/19/08

“I greatly appreciate all of your time and assistance with everything. I will highly recommend (you) to anyone I meet interested in going to Maui, as you have had amazing customer service. THANK YOU!” — Rebecca McCowan 2/18/08

“I just want to say thank you for helping us have a great wedding day. You truly made our big day an enjoyable and stress-free experience.” — Bryan & Mackenzie (wedding 1/23/08) 2/5/08

“Bill and I want to thank you so much for making our wedding so absolutely perfect! And for working with us in changing the location at the last minute! Aloha Maui Beach Bluff was everything I had pictured and more! No words can describe the joy I felt during our wedding. We have had so many people tell us that our pictures look like they are from a magazine! One person even told us that they looked too perfect to be true, that we had to have photo-shopped ourselves into pictures we had found on the web. I have already recommended Merry Maui Weddings to a coworker, and will continue to recommend you to anyone who is wanting a PERFECT wedding!! I have already told some of my family, that one day I would love to bring all of them for a vow renewal! I am also trying to talk my grandparents into a vow renewal for their 50th wedding anniversary next year! If you ever need a real customer reference, please feel free to give them my name and email and I'll be happy to tell anyone how fabulous a Merry Maui Wedding is! Also, please feel free to show our pics to customers to show your wonderful photography! Mahalo and God Bless!!” — Erin & Bill Poggi (wedding 10/22/07) 2/2/08

“Thank you for an absolutely beautiful wedding and the condo was definitely the right choice, Shari and I appreciate everything you both did for us. Personally I wanted to thank you for giving Shari the wedding she has always dreamed of and a memory that we will carry with us for the rest of our lives.” — Jaymie Centamore (wedding 1/14/08) 1/29/08

“We made it back home safely, to our cold climate in Cincinnati. We are having Molokai withdrawals. Paul and I wanted to Thank the two of you, for such a wonderful wedding experience, we would highly recommend your services to any of our family and friends.” — Angie & Paul Riesling (wedding on Molokai 1/15/08) 1/23/08

“I can't tell you how much help you have been and how much we appreciate all your hard work and excellent suggestions.” — Jaymie Centamore 12/27/07

“Just a quick note to thank you for mailing the photos to our hotel in Waikiki. They turned out wonderful. Sheri and I are very happy that we decided to upgrade to the digital package.” — Nemo Anderson (wedding 12/9/07) 12/26/07

“I have been checking out some other Maui photographers sights and your photos are by far superior and works of art.” — Kathryn 12/18/07

“Cindy and I would to thank you and Ayesha for all your efforts to make our wedding a wonderful experience. We loved our wedding experience.” — Cindy & Sebastien (wedding 11/17/07) 11/27/07

“We just got home and wanted to thank you again for setting up such a beautiful wedding. It couldnít have been more perfect for the setting we envisioned. Huge Thanks to you both.” — Annie & Brad 11/26/07

“We received the wedding (custom designed published coffee table photo) book and it is fabulous! We are both so happy!” — Brandie & Zach 11/24/07

“I can not thank you enough for the AWESOME professional, personalized and beautiful wedding that you created for Matthew and Megan. Everything was perfect and beyond anyone's imagination. I felt a sense of trust just talking with you both on the phone, and it was certainly reinforced when we came to Maui and we met in person. You are both incredible people who obviously care very much about what you do. The setting on the beach, the Polynesian processional, the singer, and the minister - all absolute perfection. Your calmness and assurances along the way just continued to tell me "these people know what they are doing". Mike and I can't thank you enough. We will rave about you and your wedding planning service to any and everyone! There was absolutely no stress on our end at all! Most of all, I valued your integrity and caring Christian nature. You both are wonderful people doing wonderful things for complete strangers! Matthew and Megan were so amazed and are now enjoying their DVD of the day.” — Debbie Landry (wedding 11/16/07) 11/23/07

“Thank you so much! Can I just tell you guys how wonderful and efficient you are?! I am so amazed how much you've helped me in just a couple days. I'm beginning to feel much MUCH better about my whole wedding! Instead of being stressed, I'm feeling a lot more excited thanks to you! :) It's great to feel that someone is actually taking care of you.” — Melanie & Josh (wedding 2/12/08) 10/5/07

“I just got off the phone with you and I wanted to THANK YOU so much for helping me and Josh out. Again, you answered more in 5 minutes than my other planner did in half an hour. I appreciate your knowledge of how this whole process works, because obviously I don't know anything. :)” — Melanie & Josh (wedding 2/12/08) 10/5/07

“Wanted to let you know we received the photo CD on Sat. We have viewed the photos and they are absolutely fantastic! Thank you so much for making this wedding a beautiful memory to cherish. Thanks again to both of you for everything. You made it all so easy and we so appreciate all you did for us. We can't wait to show our families the pictures.” — Kim & Mike (wedding 2/14/07) 10/3/07

“THANK YOU!!! You are all about customer delight... I love it.” — Anne Hanson (wedding 9/14/07) 10/1/07

“Mike and I would like to thank both of you for truly making our wedding day so special at the Kula Botanical Gardens last Friday 9-14. It was like a fantasy come true. I cannot think of a better setting to have such a beautiful wedding. Ayesha, you did a wonderful job on the ceremony. You made us feel so relaxed and at ease. It turned out to be quite a bit more emotional than I expected! Mahalo and God bless!” — Kim & Mike Walker (wedding 9/14/07) 9/21/07

“Just wanted to drop you an email and let you know that we just found out that we are pregnant with our first baby! We refer everyone we know that is talking about doing a destination wedding. You will be marrying our parent's neighbors in February 2008, and my Principal's daughter the same month! My principal, came to me in a bind and I reccommended you. She said her daughter was super picky and driving everyone nuts about the wedding. Ever since they called you, I have heard wonderful things and you seem to have put her at ease (no surprise to us). I know my parents Mim & Al will be looking forward to seeing you again at their neighbor's wedding (Frank & Rita) in February. Thanks again for our wonderful Maui memories!” — Susan & Ben Smith (wedding 7/6/04) 9/20/07

“OH my Gosh! The pictures came out so perfect! It captured everything. We are very, very, very excited on how clear, and soooo real these pictures came out! Thanks so much! We received and keep receiving so many compliments on how beautiful the pictures came out. You're an awesome photographer. Thanks for all your help.” — Maria & Daniel Chavez (wedding 8/8/07) 9/6/07

“We are back in Tulsa and missing beautiful Maui. We had such a wonderful vacation! I would like to thank you for making Lindsay & Keiths wedding a dream come true. You were so helpful to us planning this event and I hope we were not too much trouble. We all loved the ceremony, the music, the minister and the hula dance. It is just what we imagined a Hawaii wedding would be - and no stress at all!!! I am sure Lindsay will be writing to you as well, I know it was exactly what she had hoped her wedding day would be like. Again, Muhalo!!” — Gay Stremme (wedding 8/11/07) 8/18/07

“We still watch our video from time to time, look at the photographs and think of you all often with such fondness. Wonderful memories of you all that will be with us forever!” — Allison and Bob Wolff (wedding 2/22/07) 8/13/07

“Thanks so much, we appreciate your hard work and thoughtfulness. We loved the photos, my family included. So thank you, we think you did a lovely job! Also, we've been trying to tell our engaged friends how wonderful our Maui wedding was. If any of them decide on a destination wedding, we will definitely try to send them your way.” — Sheri & Pete Amadon (wedding 7/7/07) 8/9/07

“Pete and I just got back from Maui and we had a wonderful time - both with you and on our honeymoon! We thank you for the lovely ceremony and your help during the planning portion. We weren't the only ones who enjoyed it. Our friends and family all agreed it was the most beautiful wedding they have been to (some even felt it was better than their own children's!). We loved the way you incorporated the lei ceremony for everyone who came, it was so nice to show them how much it meant to us that they could be there. We also have to commend you on picking out the lovely location! I heard about all the other places, especially the beaches, that were so packed with weddings on 7/7/07, and here we were the only couple married at Kula Gardens on that day. The whole ceremony just felt so special and unique to us and we sincerely thank you for that.” — Sheri & Pete Amadon (wedding 7/7/07) 7/27/07

“The photos are great. You guys did an amazing job. They are all very natural. Thanks so much for making it such a fun event!” — Tiffanie Walls (wedding 7/8/07) 7/24/07

“I just wanted to say Thank you again for all your hard work. My wedding was beautiful. I couldnt have asked for anything better. Thank you so much!” — Kelly Maitz (wedding 7/14/07) 7/22/07

“I just want to thank you for assisting us with all of this. You have been a great help and we appreciate it.” — Johanna Gonzales 7/22/07

“The ceremony was magical and our photos are precious. You guys did such a great job. We will never be able to thank you enough.” — Beth Abbott (wedding 7/4/07) 7/12/07

“ Just wanted to thank you, your wife, and Merry Maui Weddings for all you did to make Chad and Ambers wedding so beautiful and perfect. Everyone said it was the most beautiful wedding that they have ever been to. It all went so smoothly and just as planned. Thank you also for all of the beautiful photographs you took. They will forever capture this beautiful and memorable time, and we are all very grateful for what you did to keep all the memories alive for us in the years to come. I am so glad I chose Merry Maui Weddings out of all the wedding providers out there. It was definitely the best and right choice, and I would highly recommend you. Thank you again for great service, great value, great communication, and for your great caring spirits!!!” — Marcie Kasinger - mother of the groom (wedding 6/21/07) 7/10/07

“Thank you so much for sending me the email in such a timely manner. Many other wedding planners didn't even return my calls. I am planning on using your business to coordinate my June/08 wedding.” — Jennifer Lee 6/29/07

“Thank you for everything you did to ensure our wedding went perfectly -- it did, and we have memories we will never forget!” — Jennifer Jarrett (wedding 4/11/07) 6/23/07

“Our neighbors Mim and Al Kaminski recommended you. Their daughter Susie and Ben Smith who married in 2004 highly recommended your services.” — Rita Alarie 6/22/07

“Everyone has just been raving about the photos, they said they are the best wedding photos they have seen. They really turned out great and captured the emotions of the event!” — Courtney Haight (wedding 5/26/07) 6/20/07

“Thank you so much for such a wonderful wedding! I showed everyone our pictures and they all loved it! The pictures came out wonderful! Thanks for making our special day much more memorable than we expected!” — Khristine Bourbon (wedding 6/5/07) 6/13/07

“Just wanted to tell you how much the kids enjoyed the wedding and honeymoon in Maui. Their experience is one that they will not soon forget. That was all due to Merry Maui Weddings and Vacations. Thank you so much for making their trip, wedding, and stay memorable! Again, our thanks to you and your lovely wife for a joyous ceremony and honeymoon for our children! Mahalo nui loa!” — Pam Logan (mother of the bride - wedding 6/7/07) 6/13/07

“Thank you all so much. We received our pictures and they are beautiful. Thank you so much for taking extra. They really turned our great. We are so happy... This experience was truly more than we could ever ask for and it is something that we'll never stop talking about. Every detail was handled beautifully. The music was fabulous. The whole thing seemed like a dream, like it was too good to be true. I never imagined that my wedding day would literally end up being like a fairy tale. It was such a pleasure meeting you all. We wish nothing but the best. May you continue to make many more couples dreams come true for many years to come.” — Autumn Stratakos (wedding 6/1/07) 6/8/07 & 6/15/07

“I just had to let you know we got the DVD and we just love it ~ IT IS PERFECT!! Thank-you soooo much!! It just brought me to tears when we watched it ~ it couldn't be better!! We will enjoy it for many years to come ~ I am so HAPPY!!! Again, Thank-you so much for making "Our Maui Wedding" so special.” — Alice & Charles Sanders (wedding 5/1/07) 6/7/07

“Thank you so much for your referral to Elly's Bridal in Kihei! It was a blessing, and a great relief for this mother of the bride-to-be. Since I could not be there for my daughter to do the usual pre-wedding errands, it was a welcome relief to have someone to help with the details who lives and works in the area. I was able to contact Carla at Elly's and Tiffani has already dropped off her dress to be pressed. The most surprising part is that it will be available today - that is superb service on such short notice! Again, thank you for your patience and your willingness to go above and beyond to make Tiffani and Sean's wedding day everything that they want it to be!” — Pam Logan (mother of the bride - wedding 6/7/07) 6/6/07

“The experience with ALL of you was truly wonderful ~ I couldn't have asked for anything better ~ It went so smoothly and completely stress free. We received the CD of the pictures also and you did a fabluous job! Everything was so perfect!! I again, can't thank you enough for doing such a tremendous job in capturing our special day. I love the picture of Ayesha and yourself ~ I wanted to hold the two of you close to my heart now and always. Thank-you so much for making "our" day memorible and capturing such beautiful surroundings ~ I will remember it forever!! If I ever come across anyone who wants to do a wedding in Maui ~ I will highly recommend you guys for the experience and if we renew our vows someday down the line I will call YOU!!” — Alice & Charles Sanders (wedding 5/1/07) 5/12/07

“We got our photo album yesterday... on May 1st! So early, yeah? It's really, really, really good!!!! Weve been looking at the photos again and again. Thank you so much for putting it together and getting it out quickly.” — Liam & Shiho Akin (wedding 3/26/07) 5/1/07

“Once again thank you for taking such great care of are specail day...” — Chris Daley & Denise Saddy 4/22/07

“Hello, Ayesha. We wanted to say thank you for everything. the wedding was perfect... and of course wouldn't have been without all of your help. We loved the minister, he made everything so relaxing and fun. Again, everything was just perfect.” — Candace Marzi (wedding 3/26/07) 4/19/07

“I was cruising the internet and I ended up back on your site again. You probably don't remember us but we are still on your website. That day was the greatest day of my life and I keep telling myself that we should go back soon. One of these days we will, and I would love to see both of you again. Thank you for making our wedding the most beautiful day of our lives. I'll never forget it.” — Gil Scheibelhut (wedding 10/19/03) 4/15/07

“Thank you soooooooooo much for the perferct wedding!!!!!! Everyone we talk to agrees that it was perfect. I really don't know how to thank both of you.” — Shiho & Liam Akin (wedding 3/26/07) 4/11/07

“Thanks so much for all your help! It makes planning our special day so much easier!” — Khristine Bourbon 4/2/07

“I received my pictures this week. They are fabulous! The album and the CD both arrived in good condition. I am so happy with the moments you have captured! It is just beautiful.” — Renea Finch (wedding 2/16/07) 3/15/07

“We really appreciate all of the info and the help... Most companies will not give us this info we had to book there service first and that shyed us away from them... So we will make our final decission here today but it looks like we will be going with you guys.” — Chris Daley 3/1/07

“You have been wonderful... and I know this is going to be the wedding we were dreaming of.” — Amanda Kinner 2/24/07

“Maria and I would like to thank you again for such a wonderful wedding ceremony! Everything went GREAT! God bless you both for helping so many couples to make their dream weddings come true!” — Bill & Maria Warner (wedding 2/14/07) 2/16/07

“We would like to thank you so much for making our wedding so special. We enjoyed meeting you both and hope to see you again sometime. We appreciate your kindness and thank you for going above and beyond to make our day wonderful. Thanks again - we really do appreciate EVERYTHING!!!” — Tyrone & Jenny Redd 2/7/07

“I appreciate the extra effort to make sure we have our dream wedding.” — Amanda Kinner 2/2/07

“Thanks for letting us know about Delta`s planed fare increse most places would not have said a word, Makes us confidant knowing that you care about what is in our best intrests.... Once again thank you for all you have done for us.” — Christina Briguglio & Emmett Fleeson 1/28/07

“Thanks so much for all your wonderful work!!!!” — Kelly Minnick 1/26/07

“...we are going to go with you and your husband because you were very helpful to me from the first time i talked to you on the phone. i talked with other wedding sites and i felt like they did'nt really make time to talk to me and answer my questions and because we have nerver been there before we have alot of questions so we need someone who can understand that.” — Tenesha Arnold 1/23/07

“We would like to thank you for handling the wedding ceremony perfectly. It was a pleasure being Maui'd (by you)!” — Juan & Charmaine Villegas (wedding 1/8/07) 1/10/07

“I want to thank you both for the beautiful ceremony and the great pictures. The entire day was wonderful, and the pictures are awesome. I appreciated all the support and care you put into putting together the small, personal wedding we both wanted. Your attention to detail, and your constant guidance and follow-through were flawless. November 4, 2006 will always be a special day for us, but thanks to both of you, we will never forget the ceremony. It was just the two of us in body, but many of our family members were there in spirit, and thanks to the lovely pictures our family at home got to see how special this day was... I have to tell you the picture of the two of us against the sun setting, looks like rays from heaven, God's presence between us. I see it as a sign from above that this marriage is blessed. So many of the pictures are beautiful... but this is one of my favorites as I feel all the presence of 'special spirits' with us... Working with you I felt like I already knew you. You always kept in touch, returned calls, even gave us directions to the cove a few times, and never once made us feel like even though there were just the two of us there, that it wasn't important enough. I know your intentions come from your heart, and I could tell how much you love your calling by all the efforts you put into making our day special. I felt like you are a good friend to us, and you are now... We are so happy that we finally found each other, and happy that we have the precious memories we do, thanks to both of you. I tell everyone I know what a great service you provide...” — Jim & Janet Foster (wedding 11/4/06) 1/8/07 & 1/11/07

“The pictures look beautiful! You sure are a good photographer!!! I love the sunset pictures!” — Kelly Minnick 1/2/07

“We want to thank both of you for being part of our wedding! We had an amazing day and really enjoyed your service. The pictures are uncredible, thanks!!” — Ashley & Grant Sherman 1/1/07

“Thank you very much for your time you have put in to our wedding, it is more appreciated than you can imagine. You truly have made this a great experience and look forward to meeting you in Hawaii.” — Candace Marzi 12/27/06

“We are back home in Victoria BC and wish to thank both of you -- and especially Reverend Ho'opai -- for helping us to have the perfect wedding.” — (wedding 12/12/06) Lisa Martin 12/21/06

“Just had to let you know that it has been a little after 2 years now and that we still get a ton of compliments on our beautiful wedding photos. Between that and the beautiful Brother IZ music you played, which every time I here the music in a commercial on TV we think of our wedding day and you have given us a beautiful memory of our day, thank you.” — Erika & Bonaldo (wedding 10/25/04) 12/12/06

“I really appreciate your kind attention to details...” — Pam Logan 12/1/06

“Maria and I are SO excited about our upcoming wedding and your assistance! I really enjoyed talking to you about our wedding details. I truly appreciate your patience and understanding.” — Bill Warner & Maria Beloshapkina 11/29/06

“Aloha Ayesha! We just wanted to send a heartfelt Mahalo for our beautiful wedding on November 7th. The ceremony was lovely; thank you Ayesha for implementing our changes so effortlessly. And thank you so much for the amazing pictures! You were incredibly kind to include so many pictures on the reflects your generous spirit and professionalism. I am so happy we came across your website and were fortunate enough to have you both make this important day for us so special. You'll always be a part of our memories. Take care, all the best to you both in the future!” — Jody and Rob Vaughan 11/22/06

“We received our sunset pictures and loved them. Thank you for the great pictures and wonderful memories.” — Michelle & George Gonzales (photo shoot 10/26/06) 11/16/06

“We would like to thank you Ayesha again for our beautiful wedding. You picked a great location and the ceremony was perfect. Your recommendation of having the ceremony on a weekday was great. The beach was practically deserted.” — Susan Goliver & Jeffrey Lewis (wedding 9/12/06) 11/9/06

“Thank you for contacting me last night. It was very nice to meet you and I apreciate your patience with all my questions and my distraction during our conversation (the gravy turned out great :).” — Evening Babcock & Jeromie Stewart 11/8/06

“ I really enjoyed our phone conversation and have every intention of working with you guys. Thanks for everything!” — Jennifer Jarrett & Mathew Boyer 10/25/06

“Thank you for spending so much time with us and taking the pictures. I know that we were only suppose to get a half hour but you spent a lot more time with us. You made us feel very comfortable and it was just so much fun.” — Michelle Crowell & George Gonzales (photo shoot 9/26/06) 10/23/06

“We reviewed your wedding ceremony, and found it to be very lovely. I also looked over your beautiful photos, and have come to have a few favorite poses from pictures you've taken!” — Jody Petersen and Rob Vaughan 10/23/06

“I just wanted to let you guys know that we really appreciate all the help that you have provided for us. We are very impressed with the service that you have given us with answering all the questions that we have had.” — Kevin and Kathy Felty 10/15/06

“Once again we wanted to thank you for a great wedding! With such a beautiful location, we were totally pleased with beautiful Maui!” — MariaJose "Che" Boyer (wedding 9/23/06) 10/10/06

“Thanks for answering our questions. We appreciate your immediate response on our inquiries.” — Juan Villegas 10/6/06

“THANK YOU!!!” Isabel Romero 10/5/06

“Thanks... for all your help (and) for being there for me. Can't wait to meet you.” — Janet Osborne 10/3/06

“We just got back to the mainland and I wanted to thank you again for the service you provided.” — Rob & Ariel Schultz (wedding 9/23/06) 10/1/06

“Thank you for your help and advice. It was great to talk to you again.” — Lyssa & Mke (wedding 10/7/06) 9/23/06

“Thanks again for you help, we really appreciate it.” — Amanda Tucker 9/22/06

“I also want to thank you for all that you all have done for us, and the love and kind words. You both are a blessing to whom you encounter in life.” — Sharita Alexander 9/1/06

“Thanks Vince, you are always so kind, and as always, it's a pleasure to talk to you!” — Janet Osborne 8/31/06

“I can't wait to meet you Vince, you have been very helpful and pleasant to work with.” — Janet Osborne 8/25/06

“We really appreciate everything thus far, and we are so excited about getting married in Maui. Thank You Again for all of the support!” — Tiffani Logan 8/19/06

“I am assisting my mother in the planning of her wedding in Maui. After looking at about 20 Maui Wedding Sites I am most interested in yours! My mother, Rae James would like to get married on July 7, 2007.” — Kelly Anguilm 8/15/06

“...our wedding pictures... turned out fabulous and we get a kick out of showing them off to our friends and family and watching the expressions on their faces. We also wanted to thank-you for making our fairy tale wedding a dream come true. It was so perfect in every way and we appreciated all the hard work and dedication on your part for making our special day as beautiful as (it) could be.” — Jeannie Prislipski & Paul Krokoski (wedding 6/1/06) 8/11/06

“You guys are great!” Courney Irwin (upcoming 5/26/07 wedding) 8/10/06

“We got the pictures... We love them, thanks so much!!” — Jennifer Rhodes 8/8/06

“Thank you so much! You have been very kind!!” — Pam Logan 8/7/06

“I have checked many websites, and yours was the most impressive to me - your rates are reasonable, and you provide a wide range of services. I was very impressed by your photographer's work as well. Mahalo!” — Pam Logan 8/1/06

“Jason and I just wanted to thank you again for the beautiful wedding you gave us. We really enjoyed the pictures, they are so beautiful. The vows were so beautiful.” — Tracee & Jason Collins (wedding 5/15/06) 7/29/06

“Thank you for your e-mails. They have been very informative.” — Heather Fabian 7/23/06

“We just wanted to say thank you very much for everything you have done for us! The wedding was beautiful!” — Alisha Petras & Gerul Simpkins (wedding 5/27/06) 6/28/06

“It has been a pleasure working with you and I appreciate everything.” — Serena Provenceio 6/24/06

“Thank you for the perfect wedding. It was beyond anything I ever could have imagined!!” — Jenn Rhodes (wedding 5/16/06) 6/23/06

“We received the email with the web address (for the web photo gallery). Thank you. It turned out great and we have forwarded it on to friends and family and have already had many comments about it and how good it turned out (the wedding and the website). Thank you.” — Connie & Michael Dubb (wedding 5/20/06) 6/21/06

“I want to thank you, Ayesha and Gabriel for taking time out of your busy schedule to meet with Andrew and I. It was greatly appreciated and it was great to meet you all in person and see your enthusiasm and passion for what you do. Thank you.” — Courtney Irwin & Andrew Haight 6/8/06

“We are so pleased with your photos. You did a great job and I've gotten a lot of compliments about your photography. Thank you for everything. We were so happy with our wedding. It was a really special day that we'll never forget!” — Maechen Sanera 6/8/06

“Just wanted to let you know how much I appriciate your help. The wedding turned out beautiful. Again Thank you so much.” — Nicole & Chad Brown 6/3/06

“We would like to say a big mahalo to all of you, including Rev. Kenneth Kalei Ho'opai and Cindy for such a beautiful wedding. We are grateful for having chosen Merry Maui Weddings to handle this very special occasion for us over all the other choices of wedding planning associations on your amazing Island. An additional surprise was that our beautiful wedding pictures and cd were completed before we left to come home to share with our friends and family. We highly recommend Merry Maui Weddings to anybody that wants to renew their vows or get married on the amazing island of Maui.” — Dena and Felix Morales 5/21/06

“We are so pleased with our beautiful beach wedding. The sunset was absolutely magnificent! We were so excited to see our pictures. You did a wonderful job capturing those special moments for us. The pictures were amazing. Rev. Ayesha, you made our ceremony so special. Your words truly touched our heart and our souls. You both made our beach wedding dreams come true. Thank you for making our dreams a reality.” — Tracee and Jason Collins 5/20/06

“Sejal and I would like to thank you for giving us the greatest gift of our lives, a sacred start to a new family. That moment in time will remain in our hearts for the rest of our lives. We hope to return to Maui and the site someday to renew our vows and we hope that we will have the opportunity to be blessed by you again. The pictures you took came out great and captured the moment in a perfect fashion. We are looking forward to viewing the pictures from the digital camera. Thanks again for the opportunity to be married by you!! Until we meet again, Sejal and Joseph Megill" (wedding 5/12/06) 5/15/06

“Everyone at the ceremony (made) comments that the Rev. was so full of good energy and aloha. It was a very touching and beautiful moment for us that we will always remember. Beto still sings the song that the Rev. sang for us that day. I ... want to thank Merry Maui Weddings for all the work you did... the selection of the minister, the site, and holding my hand through the rainstorms on Maui. I have no complaints about your service and would recommend you all to anyone.” — Katie Comer (wedding 3/20/06) 5/15/06

“A big THANK YOU again Ayesha for making our wedding such a special and unforgettable moment. I was so pleased with the ceremony and doubly pleased that the weather coorporated. I have no doubt that you created a beautiful memory with the photos you took and I can't wait to see them! You are such wonderful people with sweet spirits and I wish you blessings. If I know of anyone planning a Maui wedding, you can bet I will recommend you.” — Kathy Phillips (wedding 5/7/06) 5/15/06

“Thanks for all of your help and thanks for keeping in contact! You guys have been wonderful to work with.” — Sandy Swanson 5/12/06

“Thank's for all your help up to this point, we really appreciate the peace of mind it brings to do business with people like you folks!” — Mike & Charlotte Morgan 5/9/06

“I really appreciate your help with all of this and your great advice. Again thanks for making this special trip special!” — Deborah Swank 5/9/06

“It (MMW vow renewal on 2/14/05) is one of our most cherished memories by far. We feel so secure having you help us, like good friends. Thank You, you are a blessing.” — Mike & Charlotte Morgan (re: upcoming 10th anniversary honeymoon on Maui in 2/07) 5/2/06

“...the wedding was excellent.” — Katie Comer (wedding 3/20/06) 4/24/06

“Thank you again for helping with everything... it means more than you could know.” — Candace Marzi 4/17/06

“I wanted to start by thanking all of you for your endless support with planning for our wedding and travel arrangements. You all have been real kind and helpful to us!!! We really appreciate the help that you have provided to us and looking forward to meeting you all in person in May!” — Jeannie Prislipsky & Paul Krakosky 4/14/06

“Thanks for the e-mail and post card in the mail. I appreciate you keeping in contact.” — Courney Irwin 4/10/06

“I think your website portrays your professionality and especially "caring minister" :) Very impressive, I am looking forward to meeting you!” — Jody Petersen (B.C., Canada) 4/10/06

“We justed wanted to thank you again for the beautiful ceremony.” — Elly and Patrick O'Greysik 3/25/06

“Thank you Ayesha and Gabriel for assisting us with our travel plans and coodinating our wedding ceremony. We are A LOT more relaxed knowing we have the bulk of our planning complete.” — Randy & Denise 3/20/06

“Thanks for all of your great ideas and help.” — Sandy Swanson 3/14/06

“We've noted that although a small company, you seem to be very reputable.” — Randy & Denise 3/14/06

“Thank you so much for calling me the other day... To answer your questions, yes the wedding is still on track. I have decided that I am going to go with your company since you are the only one that has taken the time to call me and show some interest in us.” — Shelly Jaquith & Carlos Mercado 3/5/06

“We would like to select your company! We are getting really excited! Thanks for being so patient helpful. I really appreciate it.” — Tracee and Jason 3/3/06

“Well we have arrived home after our lovely wedding and honeymoon. I was very happy with our wedding... We received the DVD yesterday and it was great, he did such a great job!!!! Dustin & I did have a great day and everything was beautiful.” — Kristy & Dustin Olsen 2/28/06

“Thank you for your many responses via mail, e-mail, cell phone and our home phone. I really appreciate it.” — Tracee Smith 2/26/06

“I just wanted to say Thank You for providing Ryan and Jill with such a beautiful Maui Sunset wedding. I know that this was the wedding of their dreams. The location for the ceremony couldn't have been more beautiful and we decided to move the reception indoors, it also was wonderful. Collette, you did such a fantastic job with the decorating and the food was delicious. I just wanted you all to know how much I appreciated all your efforts to create such a memorable wedding for Ryan and Jill and also for all of us who attended. Thank you from the bottom of my heart!” Paula M. Mlynarcika (re: 2/18/06 wedding/reception) 2/21/06

“ are really important to us. We love your pictures, especial your sunset pictures...” — Michelle Crowell 2/8/06

“Thank you so very much for your emails and phone call! It was promising to hear from you so quickly. I would like to talk with you soon since this wedding is just around the corner. I spent a good bit of time on your website yesterday, but I want to finish reading some things and looking over the packages, etc. and have all my questions and info ready when I call. Again thanks so much and I look forward to talking with you soon. By the way, the couple that referred you to us was John French....don't know his wife's name. Anyway, they could not say enough good things about you!” — Kathy Walworth 2/8/06

“A friend of my fiance and his wife used your services last year. We watched their video, which was impressive, and after researching your website and listening to your video, I was even more convinced that your group is what we're looking for. I read the testimonies posted on-line and it sounds like you have made some very special dreams come true. I hope you can do the same for me.” — Kathy Walworth 2/7/06

“A friend of mine is looking to get married and is considering Hawaii as an option. I have invited her over to see our wedding video and pictures and have raved to her about your services.” — Shelly Lineham 2/6/06

“Thank you SO much for officiating our wedding on 1-11-06 at Blow Hole Beach! It was wonderful and Jeremy and I wanted to extend our thanks and appreciation for the warmth and aloha we experienced while with you. Thank you once again for helping our special day be even more amazing than we hoped. Mahalo and God bless!” — Stacey Morgan 1/31/06

“Merry Maui Weddings put on a very lovely service for us. Whoever they worked with for flowers did an outrageously beautiful job with my bouquet and the lais for my tiny party (there were 9 of us all together). And the pictures were really nice and we received many more than we were expecting which was a very pleasant surprise. ...Everything really was quite divine! We loved it. The beach at sunset was sheer magic! ...We couldn't have asked for a better time.” — Sondra Baker (9/17/05 wedding) referral 1/30/06

“I want to thank you for all your help! You were wonderful and very helpful. Look forward to meeting you in May.” — Connie Nokelby 1/28/06

“Thank you so much for helping me plan out my first trip to Hawaii.” — Heather Wheeler 1/26/06

“Thanks so much for a beautiful ceremony and pictures. It was perfect.” — Angela & Andy Maurice (12/12/05 wedding) 1/26/06

“I appreciate the phone calls and emails. Thanks again.” — Elly Brodersen 1/25/06

“You're very efficient at returning email's...” — Craig Chappell (2/23/06 wedding) 1/25/06

“George and I really enjoyed the conference call we had last week. I really help us understand this whole process a little better. You guys are doing a great job and thank you for answering all our questions. We have been waiting for this day all our lives and we know you guys will make it great!!!” — Michelle Crowell & George Gonzales 1/20/06

“Dwayne and I are so excited about our upcoming unity. The pictures on your website are so exciting. Dwayne and I are extremely excited about this getaway. After talking with you all, I know you will make this worth the wait. Thanks for your patience and all of your time.” — Linda Smith & Dwayne Acker 1/20/06

“Thanks again for a perfect event! I am enjoying all the memories and still feel like I am on my second honeymoon. A dream of a lifetime, thank you. I am still printing pictures and framing them. Lots of beautiful pictures, thank you.” — Cheryl & Sid Peterson (12/9/05 40 yr vow renewal) 1/20/06

“We are delighted with this package... Thank you so much for all your help we really really appreciate it.” — Melanie & Joseph (Ireland) 1/19/06

“In reference to her son's upcoming 2/18/06 reception: "I really appreciate your help with this. I've been at a loss for what to do for a reasonable price, while still making sure it's especially memorable for the bride and groom. Thank you so much! I can see why they chose you for their wedding planner. I'll wait to hear back from you.” — Paula M. Mlynarcik (mother of the groom) 1/12/06

“I appreciate all your help and definately am looking forward to meeting you soon.” — Katherine Comer 1/11/06

“At last we are ready to get married. We have flights and accomadation organised. We are renting a villa from Nadine Jones in Lahaina ,who also recommended you to us. The website looks great ,you are doing a great job ;).” — Melissa Fitzpatrick (from Ireland) 1/10/06

“Thank you for being SOOO patient with me! We leave in 10 hours, see you soon!” — Pennie Baird 1/6/06

“Thanks for being so helpful and prompt in your replies.” — Erica Davis 1/4/06

“After looking at your packages I really think you give the most for the least amount of money...” — Kendra Naccarato 1/3/06

“Thank you for your email. I didn't answer because I didn't have a chance to show the wonderful pictures to my boyfried and discuss it with him.” — Christina Winkler 12/30/05

“Aloha! We received the wonderful picture disc. MAHALOS and HAPPY HOLIDAZE!” — Sam & Jeanine 12/30/05

“Thank you so much, you both made our day very memorable and happy!! are wonderful people and we couldn't have been happier to have shared our special day with great people like the two of you!!” — Stacy & Rod Lacey 12/15/05

“Hello, Ayesha. I have finally found the time to read over your estimate. I feel your estimate is very fair and I have been overly happy with the service you have provided to us even prior to a commitment. I think I mentioned we were getting discouraged with the little help and response we were getting when we first began our searches. I appreciate the information you provided on the site and definitely have to give it strong consideration... I was wondering if you could send a contract for us to read along with what is required at the time of our commitment, etc. as I don't know that it will be necessary for us to pursue any other estimates. Again, thank you for your help, service, and making us feel excited again to begin the planning.” — Candace and Mike 11/30/05

“I thank you so much I so pleased with the cd you sent I just received it today. I viewed them on the computer. very talented photographer you have there. I am thrilled with the pictures. It was a pleasure working with your company.” — Leeann Sullivan 11/28/05

“We are back at home and had such a wonderful time there! Thanks for the beautiful ceremony you all did for us! We were so pleased!” — Cheryl Stanley 11/23/05

“It was nice speaking with you on Saturday and discussing ceremony details. I am excited about ceremony, site, harpist, and all. Marvelous, thanks.” — Carole & Sid Peterson 11/22/05

“Thank you so much for the great pictures. Everyone is really enjoying being able to see them! I can not wait until I get my album with all of the prints!! Thanks again for everything.” — Kelli & Joe Deraeve 11/14/05

“Thanks again for taking care of that for us and for your positive energy, it really means a lot to us! :-)” — Cher Rosales 11/7/05

“I wanted to start by thanking all of you for your endless support with planning for our wedding and travel arrangements. You all have been real kind and helpful to us!!! We really appreciate the help that you have provided to us and looking forward to meeting you all in person in May!” — Jeannie Prislipsky & Paul Krakosky 11/1/05

“Thank you for all of your patience and help today. I am very excited about my Merry Maui Wedding. Attached is a picture of Roy and I. I look forward to meeting all of you in person.” — Darlene Lewis 10/22/05

“Aloha to all of you! Thank you for making the happiest day of our lives! We want to say thank you for everything. It was a fairytale wedding. The pictures and the video look like something out of a movie. You made everything so stress free. Ayesha our hearts and thoughts are always with you made everything so perfect. If you only knew what kind of love that you helped to bond....the pictures are spectacular. You captured what words could not express when we looked at each other. Jessica, thanks for helping me plan and for all the time you spent with me on the phone getting the details. Gabriel you made our trip to Hawaii and back to home great. We did not have any problems or delays. Please tell Susan thank you as well for the hair and make up. Everyone back home asks about the wedding and the pictures. My family and friends tell me that they have never seen such happiness and love as what those pictures show. I am so pleased to tell them about my stress free experience and how each person played a special role in our lives. The entire experience is unforgettable. I never imagined that things could be so perfect. So much time and detail was placed into our wedding from the police officer bride and groom cake topper to the flowers and music. We also received our pictures online. We thought you guys would like to know that we are adding an addition to our family and the baby is due in June. We look forward to seeing you soon and will call when we return to renew our vows. Please keep in touch and thanks again for the professionalism. I will recommend you to everyone.” — Mat and September Tuttle (wedding 05-15-05) 10/28/05

“Thank you so much for all of your help over the past few weeks. It has helped me relax a little about planning this trip for all of my family and friends.” — Sarah Shoberg 10/28/05

“I can't thank you enough for your services. I cant wait. ...I am recommending you to a friend that also is getting married in Hawaii. so I will give her your website info ok. We are looking forward to meeting with you guys. take care.” — Leeann Coote 10/23/05

“Thanks again for the rapid reply! I will try to get all of the add ons figured out by tommorow or Sunday at the very latest. Thanks again I am looking foward to the wedding of my dreams which you guys have worked so hard to help me with!” — Chrissandra Murphy 10/21/05

“hi! this is april gardner, we talked on the phone today and i was so pleased with the helpful info you provided that i went ahead and purchased the gardenia package (online)... you have helped so much, putting my mind at ease, and we really appreciate the help! we'll keep in touch!!! thanks again!” — April Gardner 10/20/05

“Thank you - we rec'd the pix and are very happy. Again thanks for the memories.” — Christine A. Douglas 10/10/05

“Thank you so much for everything that you did to make our wedding perfect. You reeally helped to put our minds at ease so we could relax and enjoy the day. The wedding could not have been more perfect. The flowers and leis were so pretty, and the pictures are great. Mahalo.” — Traci & Stuart Engel 10/7/05

“Again, I appreciate all your help. It is getting very exciting, as the date is quickly approaching! Mahalo!” — Lorraine Ruiz 9/28/05

“Hello again! Thank you so much for the wonderful vow renewal. What a lovely and wonderful program you have and an awesome place to be. I can not thank you enough again on how much a gorgeous and great day it was. I would love to get the pictures from you. I would like the 25 best photos you had taken with Renee and I... Thank you again!” — Andy & Renee Baxley 9/23/05

“Dave and I want to thank-you for a wonderful ceremony. It was a beautiful and moving experience that we will share for a lifetime. I'm sending this with an invitation to our wedding reception in October...” — Mrs. Rachel Crowder 9/21/05

“I want to thank you for making Brian's and my wedding very special. You provided a very simple yet elegant wedding and it was perfect... Brian & I were very pleased with the wedding. You made it so easy for us to get married on such a beautiful island. Thank you, again.” — Christine Chisolm & Brian Douglas 9/19/05

“Teresa and I want to thank you very much for all of your assistance and the wedding was beautiful.” — Theresa & Richard 9/12/05

“Thank you so much for your making those arrangments for me.” — LeeAnn & Brian 9/12/05

“Ashley & I just want to thank you guys so much for such a beautiful experience. The ceremony was perfect and we are so happy with our pictures and our video. My mother actually cried when she saw the pictures (something she rarely does). There is a couple in our community planning to go to Hawaii in October to get maried and we have recommended Merry Maui Weddings to them for their wedding needs. Once again, thank you.” — Amber & Ashley 9/5/05

“Thank you for all the help and support... We are looking forward in meeting you both and God bless you all. You are in our prayers. You're practically family, of course, we are all God's children, but you both are in our inner family circle!!!!!” — Tami & John Matthews 8/27/05

“Thanks again for everything. You guys had an excellent team put together and did a great job. Alex (the boat captain) was also very impressed with everyone. Roxanne and I just sat down and watched the video. It came out wonderful. From those shots, we can't wait to see the photo album!” — Steve & Roxanne Wells 8/25/05

“I thank you for the thoroughness of this message you sent out. I am going over it with a fine toothed comb to make sure I pay attention to all of the details youve outlined for us.” — Sondra Smith 8/24/05

“Thanks for all of the great follow up.” — Tara Fitzpatrick 8/23/05

“Thank you guys for all of your assistance - we all just had such an awesome time and our wedding day was beautiful!” — Brandy Scheffel 8/15/05

“Thanks for your super efforts, they are much appreciated! You guys are great! Only 8 days and counting... we're so excited. :)” — Steve & Roxanne 8/15/05

“You guys are great and have been so helpful. I am excited and have confidence that our special day will be perfect!!” — Michelle Crowell 8/8/05

“Thank you so much for answering all of my questions... I can't tell you how much you have helped me!” — Megan Hagwood & Michael Bartocci 7/30/05

“We both are very pleased and feel so good about our decision to work with you. It's so obvious that you care about and enjoy what you do. We look forward to celebrating our special day with you!” — Tami Nelson & John Matthews 7/27/05

“Hello, we recieved the photo's today they look... really, really great!!!” — Ryan Shell & David Weston 7/25/05

“Wow you guys you did it again sooo many of our friends have loved the web site you set up.” — Michael & Carmen DelCastillo 7/24/05

“I am so excited to be working with you and everyone at Merry Maui for our spring 2006 wedding... Thank you all so much for all of the hard work you have been doing for us. When I spoke with Kyleigh, the reference you provided, she told me she was planning her own wedding with you. She said something like, most brides change their minds; several times. And I did. However Merry Maui weddings helped me with every change and decision I made. In the end, I wouldnt have changed a thing. Thank you for doing the same with me as we explore the numerous options you have provided us. I look forward to talking with you again soon.” — Tara Fitzpatrick 7/24/05

“At last, we'd like to thank you so much for making our dream wedding come true. We are very happy that we have chosen you for our wedding coordinator. Every service we recieved has exceeded our expectations. The wedding pictures and video came out so beatiful. Friends and families love seeing them. One of our co-worker is going to get married in Maui next year. We have referred your website to them.” — Heidi & Michael 7/18/05

“Sorry it has been so long before I have let you know anything, but we have been so busy since we have been home. exspecially trying to adjust to the time difference we have not been able to get back on a schedule that we was on, but I guess that is pretty understandable considering it is a six hour time difference. So the movie was great we loved it, and so did everybody else. I am so glad we decided to come there to get married it was more romantic and memorable then I ever imagined it would be. Everybody was so great helping us to make this the best without our family there. I want to thank you so much for that!!!!!! Lee was so worried about coming there because he is just a true country boy from Mississippi that has never been really any where exspecially that far for so long and for that many days, but I guess he better get use to that considering I am the adventurous type, and am up for anything. hahaha!!! We are already planning back in the near future. I also want to let you know we wont be alone this next time we have a baby on the way, due at the end of December. We will get to find out what it is the 25th of this month. Yeah!!! We are so excited!!! I just thought yaw should know cause yaw all bacame like family the time that we was there helping us through everything, and letting us know it was going to be okay without our family there since we were both upset and stressing over that, but yaw made us not even worry about anything but each other and that was great. Well I am fixing to let yaw go since I have practically wrote a short story, but please lets keep in touch. Thank yaw so much for making our wedding the Best!!!!!!” — Ashley & Lee Herndon 7/9/05

“I just finished viewing the website. Once again, you've done a wonderful job putting it together for us. We will always remember you and all the help you offered to us that made our wedding day so beautiful and happy. Mahalo!” — Jill & Donald 7/8/05

“Thank you for all of your time and support. We are sooooo excited!!” — Beth & Andy 6/28/05

“The video's are terrific and the photography was excellent. ...we truly had a wonderful time with the wedding and all the places we stayed at. We'll be remembering it for a long time..... at least until next year!” — Donna & Jim Chaplin 6/27/05

“Ayesha, thank you for all your wonderful help.” — Michelle & Christopher 6/14/05

“Dear friends at Merry Maui weddings, Wanted to thank you for making our 10 year wedding vow renewal more special than the first (done by others). The comfort in the calls with Jessica were a great start. As you knew I was really nervous since we had a bad experience at our 1st wedding. But WOW! the rose Bouquet was beautiful, the harp player & the ukulele music was soooo romantic and set the mood. Ayesha's hula dance was special and the help with the dress was appreciated. I have to say i was nervous about getting the pictures at the airport, but they are beautiful. I can't wait for all our friends to see them at the reception. I have put them in a wedding album and scrap booked them. The rose petals in the heart was so beautiful and i cant say enough about the beach.... It was all Michael and I dreamed about. Now in the peace of our home we look at the pictures and are so impressed. Even the certificate has been entered in the wedding album and I love the Hawaiian colors it had. Rev. Kimo was the bomb he looked like a Hawaiian just as we wanted!! He knew just what to say and well I know God's Spirit was there - it was obvious. Thank You for making it a special day! God bless you guys.” — Carmen and Michael del Castillo 6/8/05

“We are not coming again until Feb.2007! I realize it is a long way off, But since we were there last, all we think about is returning! You were so great with planning our last trip and vow renewal, I know we are in good hands!” — Mike & Charlotte Morgan (re: 2/14/05 vow renewal vacation) 6/8/05

“Aloha! We wanted to take this opportunity to tell you how happy we are with our wedding ceremony. We can honestly say that it was more beautiful than we could have imagined. The site you recommended was incredible! The photos and video are wonderful and will be cherished forever. Anytime that we want to go back and revisit our ceremony, we can because you've captured it so well for us in the photos and the video. You've all done such a great job in helping us plan and enjoy one of the most happiest days of our lives. Mahalo to all of you for your expertise and professionalism.” — Don & Jill Hemmen 6/6/05

“In regards to photos: “Thanks so much everyone! They look really great!!! ...just wanted you to know that I have gotten so many compliments on the quality of the photos - mahalo!” — Sheila & Dante 5/24/05

“I would like to thank you for everything that you did to make our Wedding such a beautiful experience. It truly was perfect! We are already planning on coming back, possibly to renew our vows in the near future :)” — Kathy Raksi 5/17/05

“Thank you for all of your assistance and your patience.” — Anne & Lynwood 5/5/05

“Thank you so much!!! Thank you for making this so special for us.” — Shanda & Michael 5/2/05

“Thank You all so much for everything! Everything looks perfect.” — Jamila & Iboro 4/30/05

“We would like to say a big thank you to all of you for making our dream wedding a reality. You made the plannning so stress-free and our ceremony so special! We honestly could not be any happier with the photo album, too. The pictures are beauitiful! Our wedding was and always be the most amazing day of our lives - Thanks to all of you. :)” — Carolyn & Matt Caron 4/29/05

“Thank you for your patience through all of our wedding plans this last year. You have all been a blessing in our lives. God Bless!” — Nancy & Jeff Wood 4/23/05

“Thank you so much for your great service.” — Heidi Hoac & Michael Evans 4/19/05

“Thank you so much! I can already tell you are going to be a great help for us. I am so excited for this day. I want to thank you for spending your time with me. Thanks again.” — Leeann Coote & Brian Sullivan 4/19/05

“Thank you once again for making our wedding and honeymoon so great. We really appreciate everything you did to help our wedding/honeymoon be so wonderful. Thanks again.” — Rebecca & Ken Bielstein 4/13/05

“I really have enjoyed working with you, and I think you're doing a great job.” — Lorraine Ruiz 4/4/05

“You have been wonderful to work with.” — Michele Wilsterman 3/28/05

“I just want to tell you again how much of a help you've been to me the last 8 or 9 months since we began talking. I am really looking forward to meeting you all very soon!!!” — Jill Kenward 3/26/05

“Thanks again for all of your help and getting the final numbers together so quickly. I appreciate all of your telephone and email assistance. Have a good day.” — Amee Berry 3/26/05

“Thank you so much for such a quick response. I have made a licensing appointment and have already filled out the certificate. I have also contacted the tuxedo shop for Eric's tux. Thank you for the recommendation. You have been so helpful in my long-distance planning.” — Dusti Morris & Eric Krchnak 3/18/05

“Aloooha Guys! Sladana and I love the pics and video and just wanted to say thanks for making our special day so special.” — Sladana Peric & Ross Teague 3/18/05

“Herb and I are SO happy that we found the two of you! Thank you for the valuable time you gave me on the telephone last week. We are both so excited! We got a chance to read the sample vows on your website and loved them! How perfect they are! Beautiful!! You had mentioned about arranging for the license for us. What a relief that was to hear we could do that late Sat. or Sun. Thank you so much again.” — Martha Bentley & Herbert Jones 2/28/05

“Wow!!! The pictures are beautiful, we just received them today. Thank you so much for the additional pictures in the disc. Thanks again for your wonderful services. Thank you so much for all the attention and prompt responses to my questions. The beach you selected was exactly what Patrick and I envisioned it to be.” — Angelica & Patrick 2/22/05

“Thank you again for the beautiful ceremony, Patrick and I haven't stopped talking about our wedding... I have been raving about your services. Mahalo.” — Angelica & Patrick 2/17/05

“We are very interested in your services - the statements from Rev. Ayesha Sandra Lee on your Home Page made us feel as though your company would be a great fit for us. You seem to also be very upfront and honest with your customers. We want to have a low stress, fun, memorable and affordable wedding which seems to be what you provide...” — Michelle Wallace & Ryan Scharetg 2/12/05

“...I just wanted to express my dearest thanks for helping to make our wedding day so special! Jennifer and I could not have asked for a more beautiful day, a more beautiful celebration! I must say it was as perfect as a day could get. We still look through the pictures in awe of Maui…in awe of paradise! Ayesha, thank-you for performing such an intimate wedding ceremony. You helped to bring out the best of all of our feelings and the deepest of our emotions. Thank-you for capturing the essence…the beauty…the memories we will keep with us the rest of our lives! Mahalo!” — Alejandro & Jennifer Leal 2/4/05

“Just wanted to thank you, again, for a wonderful ceremony! We got our pictures on Tuesday or Wednesday. Really good quality! I thought there were a few images that were really good. Excellent eye for details!!! Very professional!” — Lindsay Tyssen 1/24 & 1/31/05

“We all are very grateful for the time you have put into help us plan everything to date.” — Kim Creviston 1/23/05

“Aloha! Just wanted to thank you again for a wonderful ceremony! It was very lovely! The honeymoon turned out to be wonderful!! Thanks again for everything!!!!!!” — Lindsay & Nate Tyssen 1/22/05

“Thank you so much for all of your time getting us the information we need to make our big day possible. I will go over this with Chris and get back to you Mon, or Tues. Thank you so much.” — Danni Desormeau 1/22/05

“Thank you for all your help. We are very excited!!!! Hopefully, we can make a decision on a wedding package and a travel package soon, and you guys can help make our dream come true. We look forward to meeting all of you.” — Shanda & Michael 1/17/05

“Excellent news! I am so incredibly relieved! Yes, please, lets go with Plan A and if we need to, Plan B. This just makes me feel so much better. Thank you so much! As always, you've been wonderful in assisting me and alleviating my concerns! Once again, thank you for all of your invaluable assistance!” — Jill & Don 1/11/05

“I really love the bouquet choices! I have chosen the Cymbidium and Roses bouquet for my wedding... Thank you for your frequent emails. I appreciate you keeping in contact with us throughout this process!” — Lindsey Rice 1/10/05

“Just wanted to follow-up and thank you for your services. We will always have fond, special memories of our first trip to Maui.” — Dite & Faouzi 1/6/05

“Greg & I want to thank you with all our hearts for the wonderful ceremony you put together for us. We have recently moved and have finally settled into our new "home" in Georgia. We truly were blessed to have you both by our sides throughout the planning process and ceremony. It was an amazing day and we have you to thank for that. We will be visiting Hawaii on our anniversary in June and will definitely keep you in mind. Once again thank you... for your support, your kindness and the wonderful job you did on our wedding.” — Danielle & Gregory Foreman 1/5/05

“We are delighted to have received a response so quickly from you and are pleased to see how professional your team is. We appreciate that you can get us good deals, as we are paying for all the guest's flights and accommodations - it's reassuring it may not cost as much as we thought. We look forward to arranging our the wedding of our dreams with you when we arrive back in Ireland. Many thanks.” — Melissa & Joseph in Ireland 1/4/05

“Thank you for all of your help in the coordination of my upcoming wedding.” — Jill Kenward 12/17/04

“Aloha! ...let me thank you for your time speaking with me these past few days! I have really appreciated the helpful information you have given me.” — Alice Cothron 12/2/04

“Hello. I just wantd to say thank you, again! Everything was wonderful!” — Aimee & Daryl Phipps 11/15/04

“Thanks, so much, for all of your help. We will, DEFINITELY, recommend and take advantage of your, wonderful, customer service...” — Vicki Hunter 11/13/04

“We would just like to thank you for making our wedding such a beautiful thing. You helped us relate to our family the joy we have being together and to top it off we got to do that on the beach in Maui with the sun setting behind us. Thanks so much for making our wedding a dream wedding.” — Rebecca & Joshua Kolkow 10/27/04

“You guys have helped us through the planning so wonderfully, you couldn't have made it easier. Thank you so much again and we will hear from you soon.” — Keli & Dale 10/25/04

“...We wanted to thank you both for all your hard work and patience with all of our questions, concerns and travel arrangements. The time you've both put into the details of our wedding and travel plans has been more than we could have hoped for. You both have been absolutely wonderful to work with and we would and will highly recommend you both to anyone looking to get married on Maui. Thank you so much...” — Cathy & Don Weiss 10/15/04

“...she has at least looked at the photo album 30 times......” — Lance Mulholland 9/28/04

“Everett and I wanted to take the time to send a special Thank you for all your help in making our special day the most unforgettable day of our lives. The song you helped us pick out we now love. We bought the CD and play it on a regular basis. Friends and family loved the pictures and the video of the ceremony. I've sent the web (photo) gallery to friends and family, which they loved. We have received only wonderful comments about our Maui wedding. We haven't been able to stop watching our Wedding day video and looking at the pictures. Again, thank you both so much for making us feel so special and taking the time to explain the Hawaii culture to us. We will also like to thank Jessica for being so supportive and a big help. We can't forget Cindy, she did a wonderful job with the video. Unknowingly, she picked out the right song to end our video on, we received a standing ovation, more than once. We plan on coming back to Hawaii again in the near future and again later on to renew our wedding vows. When we do, we want Merry Maui Weddings to do the honors again for us. Aloha.” — Everett & Rotanda Pettaway 9/27/04

“...we are both blown away at your Jasmine package. I have been searching for something inexpensive and elegant. Your site is the only one that suites our needs (I am really picky). We are 100% interested in the Jasmine package...” — Tanvier Lee & Ben Merritt 9/23/04

“I can't thank you enough how your making this experience a great one. You both seem very nice and warm people and I am glad I found you. I really enjoyed chatting with you and thanks so much for everything.” — Erika & Derek 9/17/04

“I have spoken to Jessica over the phone and loved the help she has given me, she is wonderful. I have choosen to do my wedding planning with you guys as I feel I am getting more than enough with your packages, which is wonderful. Thank you so much for your time and help, you guys are wonderful in helping me with the biggest day of my life. Thanks again.” — Brittney Otto 9/17/04

“Thank you so much! We were so fortunate to have such a beautiful wedding day & ceremony. We have raved about you to all of our friends and they have certainly enjoyed the video.” — Suzy & Ben Smith 7/26/04

“We received the package today. The pictures are wonderful.... several of them look like post cards. We are both very pleased & have shown them off to family & friends already. Thank you for helping make this amazing moment in our life so special & helping us capture the magical feeling there in these photos. We will recommend you to anyone who might plan doing the same as we did. We hope all is well & will try to keep in touch over the years. I am sure we will go back in visit & we will plan to see you both when we go...maybe 20 years from now you can help us celebrate our vow renewals....he he! Thank you again.” — Kym & Dennis 6/22/04

“I just wanted to thank you for the wonderful ceremony and excellent pictures. Thanks again for the unforgettable day you shared with us.” — Dave & Lori Adams 6/15/04

“...We just received our package this afternoon. I am ecstatic over the pictures. I couldnt even tell the weather was bad :). You did an awesome job capturing every emotion we were feeling. The pictures were captivating, passionate and we just love them. We'll treasure them forever. Ayesha thank you for your warm spirit and I know God led me to you and I understood why once we met. It was a pleasure working with you guys. We enjoyed Maui and are happy we chose it. We left so much of ourselves over there and brought equally some of Maui back home. Mahalo!” — Zainab & Rick 5/29/04

“Its finally spring in Wisconsin. We think of our wonderful trip to Hawaii often and cant thank you enough for making our wedding so beautiful. It was far beyond what we imagined, the weather, the setting, the ceremony, our pictures, everything was absolutely wonderful. It meant so much to us and you did a fabulous job with everything. Thank you, Valentines Day for the rest of our lives will be special.” — Dave & Mary Foust 5/26/04

“I just want you to know even though we have never met you mean the world to me. I put my trust in you and you went above and beyond what was expected. Sarah and Scott called and said it was like a fairy tale wedding. I hope to meet you both some day.” — Shawn Kapp (mother of the bride) 5/25/04

“Thank you both sooo... very much. It was exactly what we both wanted.” — Niki & Scott Rogers 5/23/04

“Thank you for your attention to detail!! Thank you for being so wonderful!” — Robyn & Bruce 5/5/04

“I want to express my sincere appreciation for your patience with me. I can be a little difficult to please because I am very detailed in most of my analysis when it comes to large purchases. I am sorry it is just my nature. You have been very cooperative and helpful. Your package offers some additional incentives in addition to all your efforts which I feel more than makes up for the difference.” — Scott MacFarland 4/29/04

“Yes, were very excited and also looking forward to meeting you! The two of you have helped to make the planning of our wedding as easy and stress-free as we hoped and that means a lot to us. Weve decided wed like to keep the vows as they are - no additions/changes whatsoever. Thanks as always!” — J & Earl 3/19/04

“Both you and Rev.Lee have been wonderful. We couldnt have asked for more. Thanks for being so helpful and patient.” — Cathy Shugars & Don Weiss 2/29/04

“Thank you for doing such a great job of coordinating flights for the 5 of us. Thanks again... for making this such a great experience and helping our wedding dreams come true.” — Tanya Burroughs 1/12 & 1/14/04

“We just got our pictures and are pleased. Our family has been enjoying the website with our pictures on it. Thanks again, what a wonderful spot (Ancient Hawaiian Waterfall Site) to get married.” — Cindy & Greg Nelson, Farmington, MN 55024 12/17/03

“We had a terrific time.” — Marilyn & Mo Hassabo

“Thank you so much for your services. We had a great time during the ceremony and wouldn't have had it any other way.” — Cher Rosales, Woodland Hills, CA 11/20/03

“We got your pictures yesterday and we were very happy with them. We feel very excited by the photo's and are showing them to everybody! We can't thank you enough. We will recommend you to our friends that are contemplating getting married in the future. Thank you so much for making our wedding event so very special. Your Friends in Vancouver.” — Craig & Kathy Jorgeson 10/7/03

“Hello! I just wanted to thank both of you for the lovely wedding. It was very hard for me to come back home... the pictures are... wonderful and will provide a lifetime of memories.” — Nikki May 10/6/03

“We received your photos and they are beautiful! You definitely do a great job... We would refer any of our friends to you who are thinking of vow renewal or their ceremony in the future. Thanks so much.” — Greg and May 10/2/03

“Thank you so much for all of your help. You have been absolutely wonderful to work with!!!!” — Michelle Studer 8/25/03

“What a wonderful wedding and honeymoon! Thanks again for everything. It is in large part to your professional yet very personal help that we are able to cherish the memories of our wedding the way we do. We felt truly taken care of by you. Ayeshas ceremony touched us and the wonderful pictures, reflect so truly the way we felt at that moment - we cant take our eyes off of them.” — Frauke & Robert Oberhofer 8/11/03

“Once again, thank you for all your help. You have been great. Thanks.” — Christina Cates 8/5/03

“Thank you, again, for all your help... Thank you very much for going the extra mile for me.” — Beata Dziduch 8/4/03

“Thank you... I will recommend your services to friends & family.” — Julie Ritchie 7/30/03

“In reviewing four companies, we feel most comfortable with you. You were the most professional, came back with the quickest response and if you can believe it, were the only one that wanted to talk on the telephone about this (and you called a few times!). As this is something that is so personal, we really believe there has to be that human touch side to this and can't all be left up to computers!” — Andrew & Rochelle 7/21/03

“The wedding was everything we had hoped for! Thank you for all of your hard work and planning!” — In Appreciation, Dianna & Igor Mochalkin 7/19/03

“Thank you for everything you did to make our wedding special. We will remember that day the rest of our lives... We really appreciated your kindness... it was beautiful.” — Robyn & Andrew Dudley, Sandy UT 5/30/03

“We were really surprised at how well Rev. Ayesha Lee took care of our wedding plans. We were called daily, and sometimes more often, with updates. She was plain and straightforward with every detail so we were able to relax and simply enjoy our wedding and stay on Maui. Thank you, Merry Maui Weddings for an unforgettable experience.” — C.C., Andover, MN 4/10/03

“Thank you for everything you did for us to make our wedding special.” — Robyn LeFevre Dudley 2/28/03

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