Why Choose a Maui-Based Wedding Vacation Company?

Maui Beach Wedding Maui HawaiiOf course, a Maui “weddingmoon” or honeymoon is a special vacation with unique requirements. Thus, your optimal course of action would be to consult a travel agent, which partners with a reputable Maui wedding company. Such companies understand and appreciate what a wonderful and important time of your life you are planning, and work tirelessly to help you realize your dreams. Without a wedding coordinator to help you with the planning, you will be making many uninformed decisions that may get you in a heap of trouble. There is no question that a qualified Maui wedding coordinator is a requirement when planning a destination wedding to Hawaii. Be sure to check out the credentials of the travel or wedding vacation company you select. Most are sincere and professional, but a few aren't. Don't become fearful and insecure about these bogus or unprofessional companies you are considering. But, do look for professional affiliations, such as the Better Business Bureau, Maui Wedding Association and the Hawaii Visitor's & Convention Bureau. See if the company you are researching provides excellent references and ask to see a list of testimonials from their previous customers. Unfortunately, searching for the least expensive prices on Maui travel and Maui weddings may very well get you in trouble and you may end up spending more (in more ways than one) than you had counted on - packages with hidden costs and/or substandard (or even dishonestly presented) services.

Maui Wedding Company.

You are seriously considering having your wedding on Maui (being Maui'd) — and are probably researching the feasibility of this very romantic idea. We know that planning a wedding and vacation from thousands of miles away to a place you know nothing about is a daunting concept. If it's a little scary, it ought to be a sign that you need help from someone who knows about planning weddings to Maui. I strongly advise that you consult a travel agent, that is actually based in Maui, who can provide you with essential, first-hand information about your travel, including:

♥ Estimate of travel costs, accommodations on Maui and rental vehicle for your stay.

♥ Best times to travel, factoring seasonal and economic cost fluctuations, weather and the sort of wedding vacation experience you desire.

♥ Provide accurate information to help you decide important questions, such as "What part of Maui will we stay?" "Do we want a hotel, condo, or mountain or jungle cottage?" How long should be our vacation? How far will our budget go?" (Did you know that it can cost the same for a 7 day vacation than it does for 6?) "Do we need a rental car, and, if so, what kind will serve us best?"