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A La Carte Wedding ServicesProfessional Maui Wedding Photography and Maui Wedding Videography
Options & Upgrades Available

Maui Wedding Service

If you don't see something you want on this list, it's not a problem for us to order it. Although comprehensive, this list is not a complete list of all that is available to you.

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Professional Photography Options & Upgrades (click here)

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Professional Videography Options & Upgrades (click here)

Guests can't come? Now offering several webcasting options from $295 - !!


Wedding consultation & coordination fees:

Hourly, professional wedding & reception consultation* (in our office) = $125/hr (Out of office meetings & accompaniment** = from $150/hr)

* Applicable to “a la carte” only services. UNLIMITED telephone consultations and coordination charges are INCLUDED in any of our fabulously priced packages.

** Out of office meetings can include driving customer to coordination meetings with wedding service providers, shopping, wedding location previewing/choosing, etc., etc., and are applicable to ALL customers, including those who have purchased packages, as this type of specialized service is NOT included in our wedding packages’ pricing.

Customization of Vows:
Rate to coordinate & incorporate changes in ceremony by customer = $35

(Customer must email changes and be clear about details)

Official "Declaration of Marriage Ceremony" Statement:
Receive an official-looking (MMW logo and signed by your minister) statement testifying that - on your particular date & time - a legal marriage ceremony took place in Maui, plus that an official State of Hawaii Marriage License Application Form was signed by all parties and witnesses, AND was mailed into the State for further processing. This statement, along with your Keepsake Wedding Certificate, plus the cash receipt from your Maui wedding licensing agent and a photo from your wedding often suffices as "proof" that an official State of Hawaii marriage license is pending, but there is no guarantee it will be accepted by any particular institution or government entity = $50

(May be accepted by insurance firms as temporary proof of marriage until official certificate arrives from the State of Hawaii. No guarantee is implied, that presenting this document to any institution will suffice as temporary proof of legal marriage.)

Unity Candle or Sand Ceremony Package:
Small table brought in + provision of ritual added into ceremony = $50

(Customer to provide candle & vase/bowl or sand & vials)

“Rehearsal” & Pre-Wedding Planning In-Person Meeting:
(at our choice of location) with minister/coordinator

Wedding “Rehearsal” Meeting
with your coordinator &/or minister = $300

(One hour meeting at venue or other previously arranged locale. Meeting at private venue on separate, previous day as event date, may incur additional charges by venue provider.)

Change to Outside Minister*:

Applies to our Elopers' Special (when available), as well as our White Gazebo, Moani, Daisy, Pua Mele, Orchid, Gardenia and Plumeria packages. Our higher end packages include a choice of minister, included in the package price.

» Contracted (Outside) Licensed Male or Female Minister = $195
» Hawaiian Style Specialty Minister (conch/chant/ukulele) = $295

* We book any available Maui wedding minister and have a large selection of Hawaiian male ministers, as well.

"Minister Only" Package:

State of Hawaii Licensed Maui minister package* = $225
State of Hawaii Licensed Maui minister with beach permit* = $225

• Wailea/Makena = add $50
• West Maui = add $75-$100
• Pre-wed in-person meeting** Same day = $95+; Different day = $145+

* Package Includes: Licensed Minister, two kukui nut wedding leis, location coordination, Keepsake certificate and copy of vows, One song by traditional Ipu (Hawaiian Drum) or Ukulele, Facilitation of Licensing with unlimited email & telephone support.   No extra distance charges for ceremonies on the Northshore (Paia or Kahului) or Kihei beaches. Package with permit includes applying for State of Hawaii beach permit (for up to 10 persons. Additional 10-20 persons, add $100).

Want a festive ceremony? Add $95 to add ukulele playing musician.

** Up to 1 hour meeting with minister. Not a wedding rehearsal. To add a (1 hr) wedding rehearsal with minister and coordinator = add $300 + tax. Price does not include any charges imposed by private venue providers for the time to do the rehearsal.

Larger Wedding Rehearsal & Reception Coordination

Maui Wedding/Reception Coordination Package = ONLY $1,295!

For Larger Weddings with Processionals, Wedding Parties and Receptions
(venue/catering/entertainment service costs not included)

INCLUDES: Presentation (in person or electronically) and full coordination of wedding/reception venue, catering & entertainment options, detailed wedding and reception itinerary consultation, creation and refinement, 1 hour wedding rehearsal (not counting possible venue/location charges), and 4 hours on-site attendant/coordinator during cocktail hour & reception dinner/festivities.

Wedding Flowers & Other Decoration

LOOK! More flower choices than ever - !!

Designer Bouquets:
Custom made designer bouquets = -$325* - $425

Single large flower bouquet wrapped in ribbon = $35*
Presentation style (white orchid or tuberose spray only) = $65*
Presentation style (std size semi-custom) = $95-115*
Bridesmaid’s bouquet (custom) = $95-$135*
Nosegay style = $130*-$150*
Small Hand-tied (red roses, white roses or "tropical") = $135-$165*
Small Hand-tied (custom) = $175-$195*
Medium Hand-tied (custom) = $185-$215*
Large Hand-tied (custom) = $195-$235*
Small Cascading (custom) = $205-$245*
Medium Cascading (custom) = $225-$265*
Large Cascading (custom) = $255-$295*

* - Plus delivery charge to wedding location = $40

ORDERING TIP: Bouquets can be made to match any photo you can provide, subject to flower availability. Keep in mind that some flower types (exotics & special order) are just more costly. With that said, the easiest, least expensive way to order a bouquet is by Color (pinks & purples, for example) or Style, i.e. “tropical,” not by flower type. Designer models are going to cost more, but, hey, it's your wedding!


Floral Weddings

Guest leis = $25+/ea* (2 min)
Simple/Wedding = $40-$60*+
Deluxe/Wedding = $75-$105*+
Haku (head) lei (custom) = $95*+
Ti Leaf lei (circular) = $60*+
Maile style ti leaf (open) = $75*+
Maile lei (open) = $95*+
Maile lei intertwined with pikake or tuberose = $135*+
Kukui Nut (creme color make great keepsakes) = $25*+

More Flowers :
Single red rose = $15 (2 min)
Groom's Boutonniere = $25-$35*
Groomsmen's Boutonniere = $20-$30*
Corsage = $35-$50*
Wrist corsage = $45-$55*
Flower girl basket = $15
Flower girl basket (fresh flower decorated) = $30
Orchid heads (quart bag) for tossing = $75+
White aisle runner (10’ length) = $125
White aisle runner (20’ length) = $175

Full Flower “Circle of Love" – Stunning! = $295*+

Bouquets & Flowers

Flowered pathway (orchid heads)
(appx 4'x20'), sparsely-scattered = $225*+; densely-scattered = $295*+

Wedding Arches Flower

Wedding Arches & Chuppahs:

Deluxe White Lattice Arch = $395*+
Flowered (3 bouquets) Deluxe Arch = $595*+
Flowered (5 bouquets) Deluxe Arch = $795*+
Flowered Arch (5 bqts) + Circle = $995*+
Flowered Arch (3 bqts) + Circle + Pathway = $1,395*+



Bride & Groom

To protect our reputation, we only purchase only from florists who provide the highest quality product.

+ - More if deluxe, exotic, rare or special order flowers are used
* - Plus delivery &/or setup charge = $40-$80 per flower order

(Though highly uncommon, prices are subject to increase – even on paid packages – due to unexpected flower shortages.)

Bamboo flower decorated topiaries = $445* (for 2)

Dream Beach Wedding

Other "A La Carte" Services (scroll down to view)


Bridal specialist:

Hair Only = $175
Hair & Make-up = $225
Manicure/Pedicure = $225

* add fresh hair flowers (typically white orchids) = $20

No Hidden charges! Absolute lowest final cost for this level of quality. Service by expert bridal hair & make-up specialists.

Hair & Makeup Happy Wedding Bride

In-Room Massage:

One person, per hour = $125
Two persons, one hour = $225

Spa Packages:

Package #1 = $CALL
Package #2 = $CALL
Package #3 = $CALL

(Spa packages provided by our preferred spa in Lahaina)

Wedding Attire Steaming/Pressing
(Ship your items ahead and pick them up ready to go!)

Bridal dress = $60-$75
Veil or crinolin = $25
Bridesmaid's or flowergirl's dress = $45
Men's 2 or 3 pc tux = $45
Changing room and dress assitance in Kihei = $85
Dress and press** = $85

* Policies - Garments must be shipped in dress box 3 weeks prior to wedding. Priority mail preferred. Print name inside of dress box. No UPS or Fedex ground. No USPS non-premium. All prices include coordination, but not tax or shipping costs.

** Tipping is appreciated with this specially-priced service.

Music & Entertainment:

Harp Playing Wedding MusicMaui Wedding Music Maui Hula Show

Single instrumentalist = $225+ per hour
with amplification = $295+
Special ukulele playing wedding singer (1 hr) = $195
with amplification = $245
“Select” instrumentalist = $295+ per hour
with amplification = $350+
Duo = $395+ per hour
with amplification = $475+
Larger Groups = CALL
Hula Dancer = $175
4 person hula show (2 musicians/2 hula dancers) = $695

Powerful, quality sounding portable stereo played at ceremony with your choice of music = $50

No amplified sound allowed on State beaches. (We are not responsible for an undesired outcome of this service)

Amplification of event:

(So that guests can hear ceremony and music more succinctly. Not allowed on State beaches. Okay at beach parks or private locations.)

~ 2 wireless lapel mics, 2 wireless hand-held mics, 1 mic stand, 5 aux inputs for live musicians and I-Pod plug-in = $295 (for 2 hrs) or $595 (for 5 hrs)

(a must for weddings with over 6 guests or weddings near the beach)

Private Luau Shows :

Complete luau show:
Show includes 12-14 member troupe, including musicians, drummers and dancers. Stage lights, sound system and Hawaiian style MC also included. A fantastic personal luau experience, just for YOU = $2,995.00

Now you can add some real, heart-pumping Polynesian excitement to your reception - !!

Polynesian Processionals*:

Package 1:
Conch shell blower, polynesian drummer. Includes bridal processional = $595

Package 2: Conch shell blower, Torch maiden, Polynesian drummer. Includes bridal processional, Hula during ceremony, Polynesian Celebration Dance at conclusion = $895

Package 3: Conch shell blower, 2 female chanters, 2 torch bearers, 2 Polynesian drummers, 4 men carrying bamboo hand carriage. Includes bridal processional with bride being carried in 4 posted bamboo hand carriage at end of procession, Hula during ceremony, Polynesian Celebration Dance at ceremony's end = $1,495

* several other variations are also available at differing price ranges

Now you can add some real, heart-pumping Polynesian excitement to your wedding - !!

Hawaiian Limo - Canoe Drop-Off or Pick-up*:

Conch shell blowing by 6-8 blowers, depart in canoe at sunset = $795

Amenities for your guests:

Wedding (Guest) Attendants:
   1 on-site attendant: 20-39 guests = $175
   2 on-site attendants: 40-59 guests = $325
   3 on-site attendants: 60+ guests = $450

   (Up to 2 hours of service. Extra hours = add $150/hr per attendant)

Chilled, bottled water:
   1-9 ordered = $3.00 per bottle
   10+ ordered = $2.50 per bottle

Chilled, moist cloth facial towels to cool guests off = $5 each

(Wedding attendant required with weddings involving 20 or more guests.)

Chairs = $9/ea (clean, white resin, padded); $10/ea (blonde wood & white canvas director’s chairs)

(Minimum of 10. Price on chairs is plus $95 setup, breakdown and delivery. Chairs not allowed on Hawaii beaches.)

Guest Comfort Packages:

Package #1: On-site guest attendant(s) + ice-cold bottle of filtered water = $18 per guest
Package #2: Same as Package #1 + white resin, padded chair = $29 per guest
Package #3: Same as Package #2 + chilled, moist, cloth facial towel to cool off = $34 per guest

(Minimum 10 guests required)

Cider Toast:

Presented on decorated table w/linens, ice bucket, served in crystal flutes = $75
(for bride & groom only. Table must be setup on grass - not on beach.)
Additional charge per guest = $5 plastic cup; $9 for crystal or glass
Add personalized, etched champagne flutes to “a la carte" cider toast order = SPECIAL $60 for 2.

Personalized, exquisitely etched champagne flutes (not including toast):

Pick a design and use your own text = $75 for 2

Exquisitely etched champagne flutes

Doves Release:

2 Doves in 1 basket = $115; 2 doves in 2 baskets = $145; 10 doves (in 1 basket) special = $165!

(Add $20 for delivery to wedding. Subject to availability. Prices subject to change without notice.)

Butterfly Release:

6 butterflies in 1 small decorative box = $105
12 butterflies in 1 medium decorative box = $145
24 butterflies in 1 bigger decorative box = $240
6 butterflies in 6 tiny decorative boxes = $115
12 butterflies in 12 tiny decorative boxes = $160
18 butterflies in 18 tiny decorative boxes = $220
24 butterflies in 24 tiny decorative boxes = $290

(Add $20 for delivery to wedding. Subject to availability. Prices subject to change without notice.)

Tiki torches:

6 torches = $125 (incl delivery/set-up/removal)
10 torches = $150 (incl delivery/set-up/removal)

Ceremony (Package) Options:

Change to male traditional-style (from in-staff) minister = $150
Change to Specialty Hawaiian Male Minister* = $195-$225
    (*blows conch, chants, plays ukulele. "A La Carte" = $395)
Sacred Rose ceremony = $35 (not including roses)
Hawaiian Lei exchange ceremony = $35 (not including leis)
Conch shell blowing = $35
Customized vows = $35

Wedding Umbrellas:

Available in 50 colors! Customizable, too.
48" = from $35 (min 2)
60" = from $45
68" = from $65
customized handles = from $20
custom screen print = from $60
shipping = $20

Wedding Umbrellas

Flower decorated Wedding Umbrella:

Available for rent only
96" umbrella decorated with fresh flowers & palm frawns = $275+
add delivery/set-up/breakdown = $50

Wedding Planning

Tent (Canopy) Rental:

10x10’ tent = $495 (24 hrs)
10x15’ tent = $545 (24 hrs)
20x20’ tent = $695 (24 hrs)
20x30’ tent = $895 (24 hrs)
30x30’ tent = $995 (24 hrs)
30x40’ tent = $1,295 (24 hrs)
40x60’ tent = $1,695 (24 hrs)

8’6’’ x 10’ (solid) sidewall = $40
8’6" x 20’ (solid) sidewall = $65
200W 5 globe string light (6" diameter globes) = $55
After-hours (same day, after 4pm ) break-down = add $150

(Tents subject to restrictions on public lands. Not allowed on beaches.)

Maui Wedding Tents


Romantic Dinner


(Call about Maui wedding sites not listed here – We can book any location on Maui, Molokai, Lanai, Oahu, Kauai and the Big Island of Hawaii at the lowest rates available.)

Ancient Hawaiian Waterfall/Ocean Cliff Exclusive Estate:
Maui’s most elegant natural waterfall & Maui’s ONLY ocean cliff wedding site
(Add a Maui wedding package to this venue now.)

Click here to view more pictures and for more info about this spectacular estate

2 hr wedding usage charge (10 persons max) = ONLY $795!
2 hr wedding usage charge (20 persons max) = $995
Wedding & Reception (Any 6 hr period from 9am-10pm) = $1,995
ALL DAY usage charge (Any 10 hr period from 9am-10pm) = $2,495
Each additional person over 20 (includes chairs up to 80) = $15

* Site attendant required for receptions at $295 for 3 hours

Maui’s most elegant natural waterfall

Tropical Plantation:

Wedding gazebo garden (chairs available) = ONLY $500 (venue only)
(Add a Maui wedding package to this venue)

Maui Tropical Plantation

Kula Botanical Gardens
(Add a Maui wedding package to this venue now)

Admission: Adults = $10 + tax; Children 6-12 = $4 + tax

Permit for chairs, tables, arches & tents set-up in the gardens = $95 (chairs, tables, etc., not included)
Permit for a reception using tables, chairs tents & food = $125+ (chairs, tables, tents, food, etc., not included)
Chairs (white plastic) = $5/ea; Tables (white) = $10/ea
Coordination fee = $25 + tax (req’d if you have us book the site for you)
Pre-payment fee = $25 + tax (to prepay the site prior to your event, instead of paying upon entry)
After hours fee = $95 + tax per hour (for events lasting beyond the 4pm closing time)

Upcountry Botanical Gardens

Maui WeddingDream WeddingsTropical Maui Wedding

Honua Kai Lani
(this place is heaven on earth):
Photo Gallery: Honua Kai Lani Estate (premium South Maui event site)
(Add a Maui wedding package to this venue)


Weddings and Events, Single Day (8 am to 10 pm):

· Must call for current pricing: 808-357-1171

Description of Property:

· 5.3 miles past stoplight at Shops of Wailea (south toward La Perouse)
· Gated estate, 3.5 acres
· Approximately 300 feet of shoreline
· Small cove with snorkel access (protected state reserve)
· Gazebo on shore (recently rebuilt and repainted)
· 30+ coconut palms, many lining shore

Description of House:

· Five bedroom, bungalow style
· Satellite Television
· Large screen HD 1080P television (living room)
· Expansive living room sunset view of Molokini and other islands
· Three bathrooms
· Full kitchen
· Full laundry

(Other terms & conditions apply. Prices subject to change without notice.)

Olowalu Plantation House (ideal for larger weddings):
(Add a Maui wedding package to this venue now.)

· Must call for current pricing: 808-357-1171

Beach Wedding SiteWedding CeremonyComplete Maui Wedding Packages

Wedding Site Reception High-End Catering:

Buffet-Style, Action-Station, Crème-de-la-Crème

· Must call for current pricing: 808-357-1171

* * * * * * * * *


All Prices are plus 4.167% HI State GET tax. Credit given from deleted items included in Maui wedding packages are credited 60% of above “a la carte" prices. Minister, Photography & Videography cannot be deleted nor credited from wedding packages. Services are not confirmed, nor prices frozen, until “a la carte" services are ordered and confirmed by email and paid in full! Those purchasing “a la carte" items without a paid-for wedding package will be required to purchase a minimum of $295 worth of goods or services. Depending on distance of location, certain on-site services may be subject to gasoline surcharges. Services ordered on holidays may be subject to additional charges starting at $100 per service.
Changes or cancellations of ordered but not paid-for “a la carte" services will be subject to a $50 + tax charge per change/cancellation. Cancellations of paid-for “a la carte" services will credit your account 60% of the items/services cost before tax. Please consider carefully what additional items/services you wish to add to your package BEFORE you order them to avoid change/cancellation charges. We recommend ordering your “a la carte" services about 2-6 weeks prior to your event, except for private locations, specific minister, musicians, photographers or videographers, due to their limited availability.
No last minute orders accepted – All “a la carte" orders are to be made by email no less than 14 days prior to your event.
Prices subject to change without notice. However, once you have paid for your service in full, prices will be frozen.
This is just a partial list - we offer all wedding services & sites, "a la carte" - just ask.