Ask the Maui Wedding Planner

By Rev. Ayesha Sandra Lee, MA

“How to Have a Happy Groom” 

Dear Maui Wedding Planner: I have loved my fiancé, every since I first laid eyes on her, one-and-one-half years ago. Now that she has agreed to marry me, I am “over the moon” with happiness. The only problem is – she is now totally consumed with the details of our upcoming Maui wedding! She no longer has time for simple pleasures such as romantic dinners or walks, here at home. She now only talks about tropical flowers and wedding gowns, appetizers and caterers and she’s now saying I have to wear a tuxedo – in Maui? I only wanted a simple wedding in the little church I’ve gone to all of my life. She wants the Hyatt Regency in Ka’anapali. I feel that she doesn’t even see me, anymore – only this Maui wedding fantasy of hers! What should I say or do (or not say and do!)? – Sad and lonely groom

Dear Sad and Lonely Groom, I feel for you, and I hear similar stories so often that I know you are not alone. That is probably scant comfort for you, however.

I am wondering how I can best convey a simple truth to you: There do seem to be some basic differences between male and female behaviors and agendas. One of these is attitudes towards marriage ceremonies.

I can’t even begin to explain why, but here it is: Women begin dreaming of their wedding before they can even tie their shoes. These dreams are well developed and often shared with girlfriends (I bet you and your friends didn’t do that, when you were kids!). By the teen years, and then the time of engagement, these dreams have become EPIC SCRIPTS.

When a woman meets her true love and decides to marry, it is time for her to direct her very own “Masterpiece Theater,” accompanied with visions of veils, bridesmaid’s gowns, and flower bouquets that fill her mind. She dreams of rose petals, champagne toasts and romantic strolls on a secluded, warm Maui beach!

You’re probably thinking about romance, too, but perhaps with slightly different images. Perhaps, you are dreaming of a forever passionate lover, lifelong friend and someone who understands you.

She is thinking of those things, too, and in the long term, are what are important to her. However, for many brides, the beginning of this lifelong partnership is the WEDDING. I do not exaggerate when I tell you that she will always consider this wedding day on Maui to be the most important event of her life so far – and maybe forever.

Of course, intimacy and living a life with you are important to her – why else would she choose to marry you (besides your great looks, devastating charm and huge fortune)?

The wedding is a rite of passage for a woman, from one life to another. It is for men, too, but they don’t necessarily think of it as such or as much. Perhaps, you could reflect on the wedding’s importance to your fiancé, and share in her excitement. After all, a romantic Maui wedding is a very exciting and romantic thing!  Ask if you could help with some of the activities and tasks. She would be so pleased, and you might have more fun than you would have anticipated. 

Most likely, working on your wedding together, will bring you closer. Intimacy will grow and you might find yourself enjoying more romantic times, again.

If you just can’t see yourself getting involved in destination wedding planning, then be ready to offer a shoulder or foot massage after she spent the day shopping. If you are careful to not sound critical, you might want to share the feelings you described to me.

Whatever your approach, be patient and focus on the goal – a happy partnership. For many couples, planning their wedding is the first real trial of their life together, and I can assure you, there will be many more. So, why not learn coping skills now.

Soon the planning will be over and your exciting wedding day on Maui will be before you. Get excited about it! Many grooms I have married have been surprised to find that they enjoyed their wedding more than they would have ever imagined. Some have enjoyed it so much that they forgot they were standing, face-to-face with their lovely bride, repeating vows to each other, on a beautiful beach in Maui. God bless you and congratulations.


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Rev. Ayesha Sandra Lee, MC, MFT has a degree in communications from the University of Hawaii and a Masters Degree in Marriage and Family Therapy from the University of Phoenix. She is a licensed, ordained minister and counselor. She owns, runs and is the head wedding planner for Merry Maui Weddings. She is a published writer, a happily married wife, mother of three children and resides in Maui, Hawaii.

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