What to Pack for Your Maui Wedding Vacation

What to Pack for Your Maui Wedding and Vacation It's always nice to know what and what not to bring when visiting a distant land, and Hawaii is over a thousand miles away from its nearest neighbor! So, how can you know what to expect, in terms of weather and local style? Questions abound, and the answers to the most common ones, are below:

Maui Wedding Planner

Maui Wedding Maui Hawaii ♥ The state of Hawaii has mild seasonal weather fluctuations and micro-climates on each island. The Big Island and Maui have tropical rainforest jungles with relatively cool temperatures, upper elevation mountain forest areas, where temperatures can be 15-25° (Fahrenheit) lower than temps at sea level and hot, dry deserts where temps can reach 96° F, in the middle of the day in summer, so you will have to come dressed in layered clothing. Bring a light windbreaker type jacket meant for rainy weather, shorts, thong style slippers, and bathing suits. If you plan on visiting the crater at the top of Mount Haleakala, you should pack warm socks, a heavier jacket, and even a light scarf, because temps as low as in the 30’s and gusty winds can cause surprisingly cold “wind chill” conditions that you need to be properly dressed to withstand.

♥ Maui is a sunny place. It is known as "Island of the Sun." Maui’s main volcano, which stands at over 10,000 ft, is called Mt. Haleakala, which, translated into Hawaiian, is "House of the Sun." Maui is also the sunniest and generally driest of all the Hawaiian Islands. With all this sunshine, you will need sunglasses – preferably polarized, a hat, parasol (or beach umbrella), and plenty of high SPF sunscreen. The last thing you want is to get a 3rd degree sunburn on your face or back for your wedding pictures. This has happened to many couples, even after having been warned about the ease of getting sunburned in Hawaii. During the summer, the UV level is through the roof, or, should we say "sky." 13-18 on the UV radiation gauge is not uncommon during late summer in the middle of the day.

♥ Though you may wish to escape the world entirely when for your Maui wedding or vacation, you simply can't. Problems may happen on Maui or back at home, if you can’t be reached. And a problem that you could have prevented may mar your dream wedding. So, we recommend bringing your cellphone to Hawaii with you, so you can be reached in case of emergency. It's also a good way to stay in touch with your wedding coordinator. Don’t forget to bring the both your wall and car chargers!

♥ Maui is very beautiful – much more beautiful than people expect. This means that you will want to remember your visit to our beautiful island. Bring a camera and/or video camera. We recommend using a polarizing filter or a neutral-density (ND) filter, for beach photography. Never shoot directly towards the sun until it has nearly set, as it makes for awful pictures. Always set your camera to fire the flash with every picture, when taking outdoor photography in Hawaii.

♥ What to do while luxuriating on a beautiful beach? Bring your favorite form of portable entertainment, be it a book, a portable DVD player or an electronic game. If you like to write, there are few better places in the world to write, than on a beautiful, warm semi-tropical beach, like the ones you’ll find on Maui. Other things to bring with you to Maui for your vacation or wedding might include: a friend, lover or family member. Of course there are the usual things to bring, when you’re traveling: toiletries, emergency sewing kit, little flashlight, batteries, portable alarm clock and/or radio, etc