Be an Exuberant Bride - Not a Bridezilla!

Yes, it's stressful to get married. But, hey... It's supposed to be the happiest moment in your life, right?

Let the meaning of your moment of marriage take root!

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Happy, Happy, Happy...
Joy, Joy, Joy...

I love happy, excited brides. After all, many women have dreamed of their weddings and planned them since childhood. Then, a woman finds the man she wants to spend her life with, and perhaps have children with. She plans her dream wedding for months and often several years. Shouldn’t she enjoy this beautiful celebration of beginning her life with her true love? “Yes, of course,” you say. But, sadly, this is not always the case.

Some brides are so sabotaged by nervousness, self-doubt or even their desire for “perfection.,” that they cannot enjoy the planning or the wedding, itself. Their extreme concern that every detail be perfect, ruins their appreciation of the true joy of marriage – the wondrous fact that two people are promising to join their hearts and lives in a lifelong commitment.

Happily, some brides are so appreciative of this miracle of marriage, that they perceive the world through rose-colored glasses and see perfection in every aspect of their wedding. If only every bride knew that this kind of joy gives them more luminous beauty, than any make-up, dress or lighting could, they would all strive to “don’t worry, be happy.”

Dark clouds hide sunlight
But cannot dim the radiance
Cast by their Love-Light